All Outriders classes buffed in new update


By Aron Gerencser August 13, 2021

In the latest patch for Outriders, People Can Fly has addressed another selection of issues.

In this effort, key buffs have been given to all of the classes in the game.

The current patch contains a selection of bug fixes, with outstanding examples including a fix for the Pyromancer's Thermal Bomb.

Two armor sets have also received significant bugfixes, which will make their use in harder content much more viable.

All classes have received key buffs for specific abilities to make the game more balanced.

Don't worry, the game isn't 'easy' now.

Several universal armor mod and ammo mod buffs have also been introduced.

While these buffs shouldn't lead to any significant playstyle changes, they will definitely be a welcome bonus.

The developers have also shared a long, but not exhaustive, list of known issues that are being worked on.

Google Stadia remains the outstanding area of difficulty.

Additional patches for Outriders are currently being worked on.

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