Ridley Scott is set to produce a fifth Alien film


By Ray Ampoloquio March 8, 2022

Several years after the first four Alien films and five years since 2017's Alien: Covenant, the seminal sci-fi horror film is back with Ridley Scott in tow.

However, unlike the first Alien film and the two prequel movies, the award-winning director will help produce Alien 5, giving way to Fede Álvarez to pen the script and direct the movie.

Álvarez's Alien film will not be part of the series canon, featuring new characters and a story years in the making.

20th Century Studios CEO Steve Asbell stated that the "strength of Fede’s pitch" was the main driving force for the studio to greenlight the film.

Asbell states that the film's Hulu debut will allow it to stay true to the franchise's sci-fi horror roots.

In addition to Álvarez's standalone Alien movie, Noah Hawley is currently in charge of an Alien TV series for FX alongside Scott.

Ultimately, It's nice to see that Disney is taking advantage of the IPs that it acquired in its FOX merger.