Breathtaking new trailer confirms Alan Wake Remastered release date


By Ray Ampoloquio September 10, 2021

Remedy Entertainment's psychological thriller has amassed itself a massive cult following.

To this day, Alan Wake's fans still marvel at its graphics and atmosphere.

Of course, just because Alan Wake still looks pretty doesn't mean that it couldn't use an upgrade.

This is something that the Alan Wake Remastered aims to achieve.

With an October release date confirmed, it appears that the remaster will arrive just in time for Halloween.

The original Alan Wake game is widely considered one of the best horror games ever.

Although the game hasn't gotten a sequel yet, its following has only grown over the years.

Although the "sequel" is finally in full production, a remaster of the original Alan Wake game wasn't as talked about outside of an earlier leak.

As it turns out, that leaked intel happened to be true.

Alan Wake is easily one of the most original horror games of all time, and you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

At the moment, Remedy Entertainment has its hands full working on multiple titles.

With that said, the release of Alan Wake Remastered should give horror fans something to sink their teeth into.

Most are probably waiting on more news on Abandoned, whatever that game may end up being.

There's also the rumored Silent Hill remake that Bloober Team is working on with Konami.

Capcom is also set to release new DLCs for Resident Evil Village due to popular demand.

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