By Ray Ampoloquio December 6, 2022

AEW Fight Forever to keep controversial wrestler, CM Punk

All Elite Wrestling's debut title, Fight Forever, was supposed to have CM Punk as its cover star.

However, recent events has led fans to believe that CM Punk is no longer going to be a part of the game. 

As it turns out, CM Punk is still going to be included in AEW: Fight Forever.

Reports claim that Punk is still part of Fight Forever and AEW representatives would make it known if anyone was removed from the game. 

The same report is claiming that the entirety of the AEW roster will be in the game and that it will have a "T" for Teens rating in the United States.

Despite the clarification, it still is unclear if Punk will continue to be the cover star of AEW: Fight Forever when it launches in February.