By Caleb Sama December 17, 2022

Adam Pearce fires Bobby Lashley, then rescinds the termination a day later

Bobby Lashley is the new face of WWE controversy after his recent antics resulted in his being fired by Adam Pearce.

However, Pearce didn't take a long time to backtrack on his earlier decision. 

The controversy comes after a match during a December 12 episode of RAW where Lashley didn't like the results. 

Lashley took out his frustration on the referee and Pearce, in a show of force, fired the two-time WWE Champion instantly.

A day later, Adam Pearce posted a video on Twitter in which he backtracked on his decision to terminate Lashley's contract. 

Despite the decision, Pearce is adamant that Lashley will have to face consequences for his recent actions.