Activision-Blizzard ‘suppresses’ evidence in sexual harassment case claims DFEH


By Aron Gerencser August 25, 2021

The on-going sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the DFEH against Activision-Blizzard has taken a new turn.

The company is accused of suppressing and destroying relevant evidence.

Additionally, the DFEH has also raised concerns about the company hiring a third party for investigation efforts.

This most recent expansion to the lawsuit filed by the DFEH comes after the lawsuit had already been amended to include additional testimonials.

The DFEH claims that documents about sexual harassment in the company, reports by employees and relevant emails have been shredded and deleted.

This would be in violation of retention laws concerning on-going legal disputes.

The DFEH has stated that the involvement of WilmerHale interferes with the investigation.

WilmerHale is known for its union busting practices and penchant for protecting corporate interests at the expense of worker's rights.

DFEH has claimed that Activision-Blizzard scrambled to impose new non-disclosure agreements on employees to suppress further reports.

These agreements force employees to inform the company before they speak to the government or DFEH.

The legal battle is expected to drag on for a while. 

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