Activision-Blizzard employees organize walkout


By Aron Gerencser July 27, 2021

Activision-Blizzard is facing a lawsuit over pervasive sexual harassment in the company as well as sexism, inequality and what the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing described as "frat boy culture".

After the company's official response discredited the testimonials of several employees who were the victims of harassment, a walkout is being organized in protest.

Activision Blizzard executive vice president, Fran Townsend, called the lawsuit "distorted and untrue".

Since the lawsuit was filed, additional employees both current and former have sought out the DFEH to add their testimonials.

Ever since the controversy began, work on World of Warcraft has ground to a standstill, an Overwatch map reveal has been delayed, the Hearthstone team quietly revealed the new cards being added to the game without fanfare.

Employees dissatisfied with the company response penned an open letter to management detailing their disapproval of the ‘abhorrent and insulting’ response.

Those who work physically at the Blizzard Campus in California will walk out of the office, while talent working for the company remotely will signify participation with the #ActiBlizzWalkout hashtag online.

This is also a fantastic time to reiterate how essential it is for game workers to unionize. It is a very real possibility that Activision-Blizzard will fire anyone associating themselves with the walkout.

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