BLUE Box Game Studios postpones Abandoned PS5 app release indefinitely


By Ray Ampoloquio August 11, 2021

For better or for worse, gamers are tuning in to see what kind of game Abandoned really is.

This question should have already been answered on August 10.

Unfortunately, all BLUE BOX Game Studios did was leave us with more questions than answers.

Just as BLUE BOX was scheduled to reveal the Abandoned PS5 app, the studio decided to postpone the release at the last minute.

Around 24 hours later, BLUE BOX provided a statement on Twitter that explained what happened, and that it was postponing the reveal.

If this is all part of an elaborate ruse meant to get audiences interested in Abandoned, then it has succeeded.

If it's not Metal Gear or Silent Hill, then we can only hope that the game is somewhat good.

Speaking of Silent Hill and Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima is busy working on a Director's Cut for Death Stranding.

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