Industry insider claims that Abandoned is a Metal Gear game


By Ray Ampoloquio July 28, 2021

Abandoned is a timed PS5-exclusive title by a little-known studio, BLUE BOX Game Studios.

Abandoned has gotten a lot of coverage in recent months. 

This is mostly because the developers seem to love teasing its connection with Hideo Kojima or Konami. 

Now, there is new evidence suggesting that it's not a Silent Hill game, but actually the sixth Metal Gear Solid installment in disguise.

Anton Lognivov claims that Abandoned is a Metal Gear Solid game by Konami and that it's trying to do what Kojima did with Metal Gear Solid V in the past.

If this is true, it makes sense why BLUE BOX Game Studios used the likeness of Big Boss, the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid V, in the most recent teaser image for Abandoned.

If Konami is indeed working on a sixth Metal Gear Solid title, we're hoping that the Japanese company can do it justice.

At the moment, Konami is working on multiple projects.

As for Abandoned, the game's first trailer is set to drop on August 10.

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