By Ray Ampoloquio June 19, 2022

A new Max Payne movie is reportedly in the works

You might not remember it, but Max Payne was one of the first video game adaptations to do relatively well at the global box office.

With Mark Wahlberg in the titular role alongside a then-very young Mila Kunis, Max Payne grossed $85.8 million in theaters worldwide against a $35 million budget.

Unfortunately, it didn't do so well with critics, as naysayers pounced on Max Payne as soon as it premiered.

Two decades later and it appears that 20th Century Fox wants to give Max Payne another shot at the big screen (or is it small screen?). 

Unfortunately, we know nothing else about the upcoming Max Payne project other than it is probably in the works.

In any case, with a remake of the first two Max Payne games in the works, a new film or TV series based on the games would be a good idea.