By Hassan Sajid October 4, 2022

According to job posting, Naughty Dog could be working on a new title

According to the recent job posting, the creators of the popular The Last of Us series might be working on a new post-apocalyptic triple-A title.

Either that or the studio is looking for new talent to expand on its previously confirmed standalone The Last of Us multiplayer title.

Naughty Dog recently posted several jobs for various designations, including character artists.

The job responsibilities state that the artist should be able to create new in-game items or use existing Naughty Dog assets into their upcoming projects.

The in-game items mentioned include outfits, realistic animals, detailed texturing for clothes, realistic skin textures, and setting up shaders.

While the job posting doesn't mention the project, it still gives us an idea that the team is likely working on a large-scale project that requires talented developers.