Sony is eyeing a live-action Jak and Daxter movie next


By Aron Gerencser February 12, 2022

It appears that Sony is big on rewarding loyalty.

Sony is giving Ruben Fleischer nother shot at one of their gaming arm's iconic franchises.

Following his work on the live-action Uncharted movie, Ruben is set to work on a live-action Jak and Daxter movie next.

Even though Jak and Dexter haven't been part of Sony's lineup of AAA titles for more than a decade, fans still wonder if Sony has plans of bringing the platformer back.

Now, it appears that Jak and Daxter is going to follow the way of Uncharted to the big screen.

Unfortunately, the Venom director did not reveal which entry the movie will focus on and who's going to be in it.

Most likely, Fleischer is still in the very early stages of the live-action adaptation of the iconic platformer.

It should go without saying, but fans shouldn't expect a release date for the Jak and Daxter movie anytime soon.