Hulu announces A-list cast for American Horror Stories spin-off


By Ray Ampoloquio July 10, 2021

While Ryan Murphy's 10-season FX series, American Horror Story, is still going strong, his American Horror Stories spin-off is shaping up to be one to watch out for.

With its July 15 premiere date coming up, the announced cast for American Horror Stories is generating a ton of hype.

The six-time Emmy Awards winner's new TV show won't be airing on FX. Instead, it will be exclusive on the streaming platform, Hulu.

In a teaser trailer aimed to promote American Horror Stories, Murphy offered horror fans around the globe a glimpse of the A-list cast of the series.

With a strong cast of characters that are filled with household names, Murphy's latest TV show is already off to a good start.

As a spin-off series, American Horror Stories' goal is to breathe new life into the decades-old franchise and bring in newer fans at the same time.

The decision to make American Horror Stories exclusive on Hulu was surprising, to say the least.

However, it could pay off well for Murphy as streaming services are en vogue these days.

While there remains a lot of uncertainty about just how large the cast of American Horror Stories is going to get, we do know one thing that's clear: the premiere date of July 15.

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