343 Industries clarifies Halo Infinite beta details


By Aron Gerencser July 23, 2021

343 Industries has been teasing the upcoming testing phase for a while now, with fans free to sign up.

Some streamers claimed to have received invitations and said that there won't be an NDA. 343 since refuted these claims and revealed some details about the test - but not the date.

Twitter content creators not officially affiliated with Microsoft, Xbox or 343 Industries have claimed to received their invitations to the beta test.

In these Tweets the content creators also stated that they will be sharing images and footage from Halo Infinite.

343's Halo Community Manager, John Junyszek took to Twitter to clarify the situation, stating outright that invites have not been sent out to anyone.

It is also important to note that Halo Insider users are in fact under NDA.

343 Industries will be informing everyone via the Inside Infinite development blog about the invitations being sent out before and during, so the first place you'll hear about it will be an official source, not some streamer.

Since the next Inside Infinite post will be all about the beta test, we'll likely find out the dates of said test when it get published.

Based on the publication date of past Inside Infinite posts, it is likely going to go up on Thursday, July 29. Remember kids - get your news from official sources, not streamers!

Halo Infinite launches this holiday for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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