13 minutes of Saints Row reboot gameplay footage has leaked online


By Ray Ampoloquio September 19, 2021

There exists a huge market right now for anything that is similar to Grand Theft Auto.

Because Rockstar refuses to move on from GTA V despite the backlash, fans are looking for an alternative.

One such alternative is the upcoming Saints Row reboot. 

With that said, excitement for the upcoming reboot just reached a new high after gameplay footage leaked online.

The concerned video is essentially a longer version of the game's official reveal trailer. 

In the video, the developers talk about the design, the world, and the characters.

What is interesting here is why Volition did not decide to release this preview instead.

It would've been nice to see more in better quality as the footage is pixelated.

All things considered, the Saints Row reboot is shaping up nicely.

However, we're still hoping that Deep Silver releases this video or a more extensive trailer soon.

The Saints Row reboot will release on February 25, 2022. 

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