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weapon stat meanings

The custom class loadout does not work the same way in Warzone as it does in the regular multiplayer version of Modern Warfare. The custom class you create holds immense significance in Warzone and is a crucial element towards successfully winning your match.

There are several stats you need to take into account when creating your custom class. No matter what class setup you have, whether it's under Sniper Rifles or Assault Rifles, there are always certain aspects you need to focus on, to ensure that the weapon is suitable for Warzone.

Our guide will provide you with a complete list of stats and information you need to create your very own custom class loadout for Warzone, without needing to look for weapon loadouts. Using this information, you can be competent enough to create your class setup yourself utilizing the weapon of your own choice.

The Stats

Every weapon has default stats which can be enhanced or modified thanks to the attachments available in the game. These attachments are unlocked when you rank up your specific gun. Most of the weapons have similar attachments, but different levels at which they unlock.

Listed below are the weapon stats available for each weapon.


The accuracy stat simply mean how accurate your weapon is when hip firing. If you have higher accuracy, then you might not even have to aim down sights, but of course, this is not that feasible for targets at longer ranges.

This is the reason why your weapon accuracy increases when using specific attachments, which gives you better hip-fire accuracy. Many optics also provide better accuracy.


Damage, as the name suggests, is the damage your weapon deals per shot landed on your enemy. You will notice that the damage stat bar for Shotguns and Sniper Rifles is high, while for ARs and SMGs, it is lower.

There are attachments, like NATO 5.56 rounds, for individual weapons that can increase a bit of damage on those specifc weapons.


The range stat determines how far your weapon can shoot before it loses its accuracy. If the range is high, then you can easily take out enemy players at longer distances.

A good example is a Sniper Rifle. If your range is high, then you will be able to take out enemy players at reasonably long ranges, without having the need to lead your shots. You can just aim your crosshair on them and shoot. But if the range is low, then you will need to lead your shots, especially if the target is mobile.

Fire Rate

Fire rate determines how fast or rapidly a weapon can shoot. Usually, weapons with a higher fire rate have a lower damage value, to balance out the fact that the weapon is unloading so many bullets in so little time. If both the fire rate and the damage is high, then it would be an OP weapon!

Weapons in Warzone do not have high stats in these categories by default. However, this is where you can play around with the attachments and get both these stats buffed up.


Mobility refers to the overall movement speed of your character and how fast you can aim your weapon. Your mobility in Warzone is only affected only by the weapon you're carrying. So if a mobility stat on a certain weapon is high, then you will move faster while equipping that specific weapon. You will move slower if the mobility stat is low.


Control is one of the most important stats of a gun. It determines the recoil aspect of your weapon. If you have a lower control stat bar, then your weapon is going to have a lot of recoil. If the bar is high, then controlling the recoil of the weapon will be easier. So, it is better to have the maximum possible control stat on your weapon.

Stats for Warzone

Now that we've familiarized ourselves with the stats of these weapons and what they mean, you might be wondering what stats to focus on when creating a custom class loadout for Warzone. The main stats you need to focus on are Accuracy, Range, and Control.

These three weapon stats are essential when creating your loadout for Warzone. If you take a look at our loadout guides, most of them focus on these stats - unless we are going for something unique, of course.


Accuracy is important as we need the shots to hit where we aim. It should be self-explanatory to need our shots to be accurate.

This is especially so if you are using weapons with a low ADS speed - you need to ensure that your accuracy is high so that you can take out the enemy players without aiming down sights during close quarter combat.


Range is the most important stat when it comes to Warzone. The map is huge and you will be engaging enemies at fair distances, unlike the regular multiplayer version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. You need to make sure you can hit those long-distance shots easily.

If your range is low, then you won't be able to utilize your accuracy stat - the accuracy and range stats go hand in hand with each other.

If your range is low, then eventually your accuracy will fail after a certain distance, that is where your bullet velocity drops, and you will need to lead your shots ahead of the enemies to land a hit on them. Therefore, always look for attachments that give increased bullet velocity.

Your damage also decreases at longer ranges and so you should also look for attachments that provide damage range benefits. This is so that your damage value stays intact, even at longer ranges.


Lastly, control is also a critical stat since this one determines your weapon recoil. The more control you have, the better your recoil control will be.

You need to be able to hit your enemy players comfortably, instead of shooting all over the place! Of course, every weapon has a certain amount of recoil intensity, but you should minimize it to the extent possible and make it easier for you to use that weapon.

Check out our minimum recoil loadout guides for the most popular Assault Rifles: the Grau and M4A1.

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