Revive WCW in the WWE 2K23 MyGM Mode

Vince McMahon bought the trademarks and name/property of WCW, as well as its library, for just roughly $4 million.

WWE 2K23's MyGM mode should let you do all sorts of things, picking up from the successful franchise revival brought by last year's WWE 2K22. But, while most are expecting the usual brand wars in WWE 2K23, the upcoming title's MyGM Mode has a nifty surprise.

WCW Nitro was prominently featured in the 2000 film, Ready to Rumble.

According to UpUpDownDown, the MyGM Mode of WWE 2K23 is excellent news for wrestling fans who grew up during the Attitude Era of the WWE, namely:

  • Multiple GMs to choose from: Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze, Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle, and Mick Foley
  • New match types and stipulations such as: Triple Threat, Fatal 4-Way, Backstage Brawl, Steel Cage, Submission, Falls Count Anywhere, Last Man Standing, Iron Man, and Tornado tag team matches
  • Several seasons and seasonal challenges
  • The addition of NXT 2.0 and WCW

We'll likely find out more about the MyGM mode in the days leading up to the launch of WWE 2K23 on March 17.

We're not going to lie, seeing NWO Hulk Hogan wrestle for the WCW Nitro brand will be awesome to watch.

WWE 2K22 introduced several new features to the long-running wrestling franchise. The highlight was the Showcase Mode, which initially let players experience the best matches of Rey Mysterio. This time around, the spotlight is on John Cena and his biggest losses.

The MyGM Mode was also a draw for WWE 2K22. At launch, players only had access to the main Men's Championship and the main Women's Championship in WWE 2K22. The developers eventually added the Tag Team Titles post-launch and it looks like WWE 2K23 will one-up its predecessor even further. According to Visual Concepts developer, Alan Flores, WWE 2K23 will have several more titles although he didn't specify which ones are coming.

The best part is that Visual Concepts aims to have "eventual parity" between the MyGM mode and the other game modes in WWE 2K23. Simply put, this means that everything in the MyGM Mode is coming to other WWE 2K23 game modes, eventually.

When you add in the DLCs for WWE 2K23 to everything that will be in it at launch, Visual Concepts has a sure-fire hit for the second year in a row.

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