Watch Ana de Armas transform into Marilyn Monroe in the first Blonde trailer

The upcoming NC-17 film will be a dark and grim look at the iconic star's life in Hollywood.

After starring alongside Daniel Craig in last year's No Time to Die, Ana de Armas is set to take on the lead role for Netflix's upcoming biopic, Blonde.

The controversial NC-17 rating for Blonde is due to the film having "some sexual content."

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The lavish new biopic is already generating controversy and it's not even close to releasing yet. Perhaps it was expected for a film based on the life of controversial actress and singer, Marilyn Monroe. With three more months to go before it premieres, we shouldn't expect these talks to die anytime soon.

But, before anything else, the first Blonde trailer is free for you to view below:

Andrew Dominik is directing Blonde after lending his talents to two feature-length documentaries about rock legend, Nick Cave. Dominik is also the brains behind the script, which adapts the Pulitzer Prize finalist novel from 2000 by Joyce Carol Oates of the same name. Based on the source material, we'll see the upcoming Netflix film follow Monrow's life as a troubled child when she was still known as Norma Jeane Mortenson until she had grown up to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars in the 1950s before her tragic death at 36 in 1962.

Having said that, controversy has followed Blonde ever since Netflix confirmed its NC-17 rating.

For those that don't know, an NC-17 rating makes it so that only those over 18 years old can watch the movie. Everyone else who's under 17 can't watch it even when accompanied by an adult guardian. This is a rare rating that only 79 movies in film history have and of those, Blonde is the only one to get a wide theatrical release.

Netflix has high hopes for Blonde for the awards season.

It will be interesting to see how Blonde will fare among audiences and critics alike. Most likely, Netflix isn't expecting the movie to join The Adam Project as originals released this year to make it to its most-watched movies of all time. However, the streamer's executives do have high hopes for Blonde, with rumors that they're hoping for at least a Best Picture Oscar nomination. We'll know more for sure about how Blonde will do once it makes its debut on September 23.

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