Watch 40 minutes of new footage in Rocky 4 Director's Cut

Nearly four decades after it first premiered back in 1985, Sly is re-releasing Rocky IV with extra footage for a one-night theatrical release.

Sylvester Stallone is one of the most respected Hollywood actors. However, back in the 1960s, this wasn't the case. You've probably heard about his struggles in the early years as a struggling actor. In fact, you might have read the story of Stallone needing to sell his dog to feed his family, which is pretty much Hollywood folklore at this point and one that's true, as confirmed by Sly himself on numerous occasions.

The upcoming director's cut of Rocky IV should tide fans over until Expendables IV or Creed III releases.

Thankfully, Sly's fortune would soon change. He eventually came up with the script for Rocky, found a studio that let him star in his movie, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Rocky franchise spanned multiple sequels, including the most recent release, 2018's Creed II. However, with Creed III probably ways away (and Stallone no longer in it), Sly has found a way to keep himself busy these past few years by working on a director's cut for 1985's Rocky IV.

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When is the Director's Cut of Rocky 4 going to premiere?

Despite the lack of critical acclaim, Rocky IV went on to become the highest-grossing sports movie for several decades.

Stallone first announced that he was working on the director's cut edition for Rocky IV in August 2020. Back then, the film was slated to release on November 27, 2020, to celebrate the movie's 35th anniversary. The re-release will reportedly feature no robots and new footage of the match between Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago. Unfortunately, several factors derailed the progress of the director's cut and the cut is now set to premiere in theaters for one night only on November 11, 2021, before launching on digital platforms on November 12.

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Fathom Events will present Rocky IV: Rocky Vs. Dragon - The Ultimate Director's Cut, which will see Stallone himself make the introduction along with a Q&A session following the film's premiere in select screenings. The launch will also feature a behind-the-scenes look at the director's cut.

In Rocky IV, Stallone reprised his role as Rocky Balboa who witnesses firsthand how Apollo Creed died at the hands of the unstoppable Russian fighter, Ivan Drago. After seeing how his former enemy-turned-friend suffered at the hands of Drago, Balboa vows to take revenge. The movie was the most commercially successful installment in the franchise, pulling in $300 million against a $28 million budget.

The re-release of Rocky IV comes just three years after we saw the appearance of Drago, along with his son, Viktor, in 2018's Creed II.

Speaking of Creed, a third Creed film is currently in development. Michael B. Jordan, who portrays Adonis "Donnie" Creed, is set to direct the upcoming spin-off in the Rocky franchise. However, as mentioned earlier, Stallone won't be making an appearance in Creed III. Instead, the film will focus exclusively on Adonis as he tries to forge his path and create his legacy.

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