Stadium Easter Egg Guide - Legendary Loot CR-56 AMAX Blueprint 'Engima'

It is safe to say that Season 5 of Warzone is not short of content, including a brand new Stadium Easter Egg. That's right, after the Bunker 11 Easter Egg, we now have another one in the newly opened Stadium.

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This easter egg is far more complicated than the Bunker 11 easter egg due to its random nature. When the Stadium was introduced with the release of Season 5, there were three different locked rooms discovered by players that have card readers to open them up.

Not only that, but there was another room at the Executive Level (top floor) of the Stadium that required access code. The keypad to put in the access code just gave an error, no matter what number was punched in.

However, it was not until recently; the keypads started functioning again after a small patch was pushed out with a tweet by Infinity Ward, which stated that "Keypads...are now active.."

Below we have a full guide on how to complete this easter egg step by step and open up the room on the top floor. You will find a lot of loot in the process, among which includes a brand new Legendary CR-56 AMAX Blueprint called Enigma.

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Three Locked Rooms

Before attempting this easter egg, you need to learn where all the locked rooms are located. It is essential as you won't have much time right after you land at the Stadium only because either the keycards despawn after 4-5 minutes reportedly or someone else will get the keycard.

You will then be left to kill everyone in the Stadium to find out who has the keycard (that is if they haven't left the Stadium with one).

There are a total of four rooms in the Stadium at each level of the Stadium. Three are the rooms that require the blue keycards, and the last one needs an access code that can be obtained through these keycard doors.

You only need to find at least two keycards and open up those doors to figure out the code. You will understand more about how to do that below. You do not need all three. That is just unnecessary work. It is already hard enough to find two.

These rooms contain legendary loot such as multiple UAVs, Advanced UAV as a ground loot, Cluster Strikes, Precision Airstrikes, and more. There is also a computer that contains symbols and numbers that can help you decipher the code for the room having the access code keypad on the Executive Level (top floor).

Parking Garage - Level 2

This room is located at the very bottom level of the Stadium in the north-west corner of the basement parking.

Concourse Level

This room is located in the bar area. You will find the blue bar on the middle level of the Stadium. The intermediate level is usually the most crowded area. So, be careful when around here.

Executive Level

This is the topmost level of the Stadium, which is considered as a VIP section. Once you're at the top level, head to the south-east part of the corridor, and you will find it.

Access Code Room

Finally, there is a room on the top floor that has a keypad where you enter the access code after acquiring it.

Blue Keycards & Their Location

You can find the blue keycards all around the Stadium, and their spawn locations are completely random and different every time you jump into Warzone.

But, you will find the blue keycards commonly in locations such as parking garage, behind pillars, in dark corners, under and on top of the stairwells, behind the blue bar counter, trash bins, mop buckets, and inside the player locker rooms under the stadium seating area. You will also find the keycards spawning quite often on the ground on the top floor.

Just sweep through the bottom level (parking area) and make your way up to the top level (executive level) as you search for the cards.

There are three types of blue keycards - CL-19, P2-16 & EL-21. CL-19 is for the locked room on the Concourse Level, P2-16 is for the locked room in the Parking Garage, and EL-21 is for the locked room on the Executive Level. You need to ensure you find at least two of these. Any two of these would be good.

The following screenshots show some of the locations where the keycards were found.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 - Locating the blue keycard

First, whenever you land quickly, rush to the common places such as the parking garage and make your way to the stairwells to search for the keycards. If you don't find the keycard, then make your way up to the concourse level (middle section) of the Stadium and then search around the seats and stalls.

Once you've found one keycard, depending on which keycard it is, head over to that door and open it up (For instance, CL-19 blue keycard will be for the locked room next to the blue bar at the concourse level). After unlocking the door, do not go in just yet. Close it and then start searching for the second keycard.

Once you've located the second keycard, go ahead, open up the corresponding locked room, and follow the next step.

Step 2 - Deciphering the code

Now, head over inside one of the rooms and use the computer. The computer will run a sequence of numbers and symbols. The sequence is always the same across all rooms except what is shown and what is not.

For example, if in one room a number is shown, then in another, that number might represent a symbol. Three common symbols are seen on these computers.

The names Nose, House, and China are given since they closely represent these words. The alphabets help us quickly memorize these symbols.

In our case, going into the room with the keycard CL-19 gave us a code - '9 N H H 4 N N 5'

Then going into the room with keycard P2-16 at the bottom parking level gave us a code - '9 3 H H 4 N N C'

Now, when we put these two codes next to each other, we can see what symbol corresponds to what number. It turns out that C = 5 and N = 3, which makes the access code '9 3 H H 4 3 3 5'

Step 3 - Putting in the code and opening the final room

Once you have your code, head over to the top floor once again and go to the middle of the corridor near the main entrance of the Stadium. You will find the room with the keypad. Use the keypad and enter the code.

You already have all the numbers at this point except your missing number. If you would have found all three cards, then it would have been known to you. But, here you can guess the last digit by entering the code and guessing the missing number starting from 0 up until 9.

For instance, our code is '9 3 H H 4 3 3 5' then we tried '9 3 0 0 4 3 3 5', '9 3 1 1 4 3 3 5' etc. The correct code for us was '9 3 7 7 4 3 3 5' which ultimately opened up the door.

Legendary Loot & Reward

Once you're inside the door, you will find powerful loot. Right off the bat, you will find a brand new CR-56 Legendary Blueprint called Enigma, which will be sitting on the table. And yes, if one of the teammates collects the blueprint, all of the members will get it as well.

The loot varies depending on your game mode. If you are playing Plunder, then you can get loot, such as Durable Gas Masks and Specialist Bonus. Durable Gas Masks last twice as long as the regular gas masks, and Specialist Bonus token gives you all the perks in the game. You can even get a mini-gun, which is way too OP!


How many players are needed to do this easter egg?

You need at least one friend with you to do it effectively and to guarantee that you can complete it, due to the nature of the easter egg. If you have multiple friends then it will make it easier as you can allocate different levels amongst each other.

You can do it solo as well, but luck has to be on your side! We recommend at least one more player, so a total of two players carrying this easter egg out.

Do we need to collect all three cards and unlock all three rooms?

No, you only need two cards out of the three. You can hard guess that last one and this saves a lot of time as it is already difficult enough to find two cards.

Are the keycard locations the same every match?

No, the locations are similar to each other but never the same. They are random and you can find the keycards spread throughout the Stadium.

You can find the cards in “not so obvious” spots such as under stairwells, on top of stairwells, behind pillars, in trash bins, in mop buckets, and out in the open just on the floor.

You will find the cards quite often either at the parking garage (bottom level) or the executive level (top level) of the Stadium.

Does the progress of this easter egg carry on to the next match?

No, you must find all the cards (or two) within a single match or else it won’t be completed. This is because in every game the sequence of numbers and symbols shown on the computer screen changes.

If one player picks up the “Enigma” blueprint, does every member of the squad get it?

Yes, if one of the squad member picks up the blueprint, every member of the squad will get the blueprint just like the blueprint obtained during the Bunker 11 easter egg.

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