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The sixth and possibly the final season of Call of Duty Warzone is here and brings with it a lot of new content, including weapons, Operators, an additional battle royale mode, a fast travel feature, and more!

In this guide, we have covered everything you need to know about the new season 6.

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Armored Royale Quads

Armored Royale Quads is a brand new battle royale mode where a squad of four is dropped into Verdansk with an armored truck. The main objective of the game remains the same though - that is, to survive until all the other players have been eliminated.

However, there are some exciting new features in this game mode. The first is the ability to upgrade your armored truck to reinforce it. You can purchase different upgrades directly from the armored truck and equip it with various equipment such as a UAV, trophy system, heat resistant barrel (for the machine gun on top of the truck), and heavy armor better protection.

These trucks are your primary asset in this game mode. This is because, as long as your armored truck stands, you will be able to redeploy back into the game as many times as you like. But, the moment your truck is destroyed, you won't be able to jump back into the game.

The same goes for enemy players, so make sure you destroy their trucks after killing an enemy player to eliminate them out of the game for good.

You also have several repair stations spread through the map where you can park your armored truck to repair itself back to full health gradually.

Subway System

Warzone now offers players the option to fast travel across the enormous Verdansk map. This feature has been introduced in the form of a metro subway line interconnected between the most notable locations across Verdansk.

There are a total of seven subway stations that are Verdansk International Airport, Lozoff Pass, Verdansk Center, Downtown/Tavorsk District, Barakett Shopping District, Verdansk Train Station, and Torsk Bloc from where it loops back to the Airport. Feel free to check out our full guide on the new subway system.

Moreover, there is also a new easter egg that incorporates the new subway system and rewards you with a new legendary weapon blueprint. You can find our full in-depth guide on the new easter egg here.

New Allegiance Operators

There are two new Operators added into the game - Farah, and Nikolai. Farah is unlocked as an instant reward upon purchasing the Season 6 Battle Pass, and Nikolai is unlocked after reaching tier 100 of Season 6 Battle Pass.

  • Farah
  • Nikolai

New Weapons

There are two new weapons added to the game - the SP-R 209 (Marksman Rifle) and the AS VAL (AR).

These weapons can be acquired for free by leveling up your Battle Pass tier. You do not need to buy the Battle Pass premium version as both these weapons are free.

Feel free to check out our complete guide on what Battle Pass is and how it works. More information on Season 6 Battle Pass Tier List is below.

  • SP-R 208
  • The SP-R 208 unlocks at Battle Pass tier 15.

  • AS VAL
  • The AS VAL unlocks at Battle Pass tier 31.

Season 6 Battle Pass Tier List

Tier Unlock Free/Premium
Instant Reward Halmasti – Legendary Farah Skin Premium
Instant Reward Poloski – Rare Minotaur Skin Premium
Instant Reward Gilded Arm – Epic Blueprint (AK-47) Premium
Instant Reward Season 6 XP Boost Premium
1 Traveler – Rare Blueprint (SKS) Free
2 Strength from Within – Epic Calling Card Premium
3 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
4 Heavy Hitter – Epic Emblem Premium
5 Innocence Lost – Epic Blueprint (Melee Alpha) Premium
6 100 COD Points Free
7 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
8 Third Degree – Rare Blueprint (.50 GS) Premium
9 Mutated – Epic Vehicle Skin (ATV) Premium
10 Level Headed – Rare Zane Skin Premium
11 MW Wartrack Pack – Epic Vehicle Track Free
12 100 COD Points Premium
13 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
14 Gray Scale – Epic Spray Premium
15 SP-R 208 (Marksman Rifle) – New Weapon Free
16 Rise Up – Epic Calling Card Premium
17 100 COD Points Premium
18 Edward – Legendary Operator Finishing Move Premium
19 On The Rocks – Rare Gaz Skin Premium
20 Al Rukh – Legendary Blueprint (AUG) Premium
21 Chiroptera – Rare Weapon Charm Free
22 45 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
23 100 COD Points Premium
24 Oophaga – Epic Blueprint (Grau 5.56) Free
25 30 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
26 Stained – Epic Vehicle Skin (Tac Rover) Premium
27 Finger Trap – Rare Blueprint (R9-0) Premium
28 Wartrack Pack – Hip Hop Edition – Legendary Vehicle Track Free
29 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
30 Killer Hornet – Rare Wyatt Skin Premium
31 AS VAL (Assault Rifle) – New Weapon Free
32 100 COD Points Premium
33 Goblin – Epic Watch Premium
34 Gaze of Fury – Legendary Calling Card Free
35 Forbidden Wish – Epic Blueprint (Bruen MK9) Premium
36 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
37 Paralysis – Epic Emblem Free
38 Desert Bloom – Rare Blueprint (MP5) Premium
39 From The Deep – Epic Vehicle Skin (SUV) Free
40 Off Grid – Rare Domino Skin Premium
41 100 COD Points Premium
42 Red Sparrow – Epic Blueprint (.357) Premium
43 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
44 Black Ops Wartrack Pack – Epic Vehicle Track Free
45 Manzanilla – Rare Blueprint (Oden) Premium
46 15 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
47 Sister – Rare Sticker Premium
48 100 COD Points Free
49 For Urzikstan! – Legendary Calling Card Premium
50 Nostalgia – Rare Golem Skin Premium
51 Blue Note – Legendary Blueprint (SA87) Premium
52 Khepri – Epic Emblem Premium
53 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
54 Fighting Chance – Rare Weapon Charm Premium
55 Anqa – Legendary Blueprint (Crossbow) Free
56 100 COD Points Premium
57 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
58 Brother – Rare Sticker Premium
59 Foreign Relations – Epic Blueprint (Dragunov) Premium
60 The District – Rare Thorne Skin Premium
61 Oxidized – Legendary Watch Free
62 BATS! – Epic Spray Premium
63 30 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
64 Wartrack Pack – EMD Edition – Legendary Vehicle Track Free
65 Exoskeleton – Legendary Blueprint (1911) Premium
66 100 COD Points Premium
67 Manasa – Epic Emblem Free
68 30 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
69 Child Proof – Rare Weapon Charm Premium
70 Perfect Cover – Rare Alice Skin Premium
71 Ikebana – Legendary Blueprint (Kar98k) Premium
72 Demonic Soul – Rare Sticker Free
73 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
74 100 COD Points Premium
75 Flight of Torment – Epic Vehicle Skin (Heli) Premium
76 Breath of The Gods – Legendary Blueprint (SA87) Premium
77 Enemy of My Enemy – Legendary Calling Card Free
78 45 Minutes Double Weapon XP Token Premium
79 Omkade – Epic Emblem Premium
80 Night Out – Epic Raines Skin Premium
81 Rottweiler – Legendary Blueprint (M13) Free
82 100 COD Points Premium
83 15 Minutes Double XP Token Premium
84 Pupsik – Epic Weapon Charm Free
85 Darkwood – Legendary Blueprint (SP-R 208) Premium
86 Inner Demons – Rare Sticker Premium
87 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token Premium
88 Crypt – Epic Spray Free
89 The Portal – Legendary Blueprint (VLK Rogue) Premium
90 Yenisey – Epic Bale Skin Premium
91 100 COD Points Premium
92 The Swarm – Legendary Calling Card Premium
93 Strange Magic – Legendary Watch Premium
94 Third Eye – Legendary Emblem Free
95 Trivor – Legendary Blueprint (MP7) Premium
96 1 Hour Double XP Token Premium
97 Crown of Terror – Epic Weapon Charm Premium
98 100 COD Points Free
99 Beastly – Epic Sticker Premium
100 Arms Broker – Legendary Nikolai Operator Skin & Missions, Malphas – Legendary Blueprint (AS VAL), Grizzly End – Legendary Vehicle Skin (Truck) & Season 6 Legendary Emblem Premium

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