Warzone Season 5 - Weapon Balances (August 11, 2020)

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A small update was pushed out for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone) on August 11 and it both buffed and nerfed a couple of different weapons. There were minor changes to some of the most popular weapons that are currently the meta of Warzone.

The weapons that were tuned include the FAL, M91, Holger-26, and currently infamous meta weapon,the Bruen MK9.

Feel free to check out our full guide dedicated to the weapon stats, as well as our loadouts for the above weapons.

Weapon Changes

The following are the weapon changes in the new patch 1.24.1 (released August 11, 2020)


The FAL is now more powerful when hitting headshots at longer ranges, but the damage at close range has been nerfed.

  • Increased headshot damage (2 hit at range with 1 headshot)
    • Before patch:
      • Head: 105
      • Chest: 78
      • Stomach: 65
      • Limbs: 65
    • After patch:
      • Head: 100
      • Chest: 58
      • Stomach: 49
      • Limbs: 49
  • Reduced near damage (limbs and lower torso always 3 shot)


The Holger got a damage range buff and increased ADS speed

  • Increased damage range:
    • Before patch: <45m
    • After patch: <48m
  • Decreased ADS speed:
    • Before patch: 288ms
    • After patch: 263ms


There was a small buff to the damage at close range and a major decrease in ADS speed

  • Damage increased:
    • Before patch:
      • Head: 46
      • Chest: 34
      • Stomach: 31
      • Limbs: 31
    • After patch:
      • Head: 48
      • Chest: 35
      • Stomach: 32
      • Limbs: 32
  • Decreased ADS speed:
    • Before patch: 336ms
    • After patch: 305ms

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