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As we move forwards with the new Warzone and Cold War Season 2, we can finally see small teasers that hint at a huge map change that is set to take place very soon. There are new points of interest (POI) added to Verdansk that scream nothing but the long-awaited "Nuke Event."

With Season 2, Verdansk has changed. Some new POIs that have been added hint towards the nuke event that we've been talking about since before the Black Ops Cold War release. This nuke event is supposedly going to introduce us to the new Warzone map.

You will also observe that some of the previously accessible bunkers are inaccessible now, except Bunker 10, as it can be entered without any access code. The door to Bunker 10 is always open. There are three new hidden silo locations added that can be accessed underground. These silo locations are not only home to the missile warheads, but also some grade-A tier loot.

In addition to the silo locations, there is a new location by the shores of Verdansk called 'Shipwreck,' which was added as part of the Outbreak Event. Below, we have listed all the new locations in Warzone.


Shipwreck is currently one of the most populated areas in Verdansk simply because that is where the players can complete their Outbreak event challenges. This place spawns hordes of zombies once you activate the trial machine found in the ship's hold area.

You can also get a yellow access card by killing the zombies, and that can reward you with legendary loot such as an armor satchel, scorestreaks, and durable gas mask in Battle Royale mode. You can find more information on obtaining the yellow access card here.

Missle Silos

Three main hidden Missle Silos were now unveiled as the Vodianoy ship arrived in Verdansk. This could potentially be the reason why the nuke is going to go off - to eliminate the zombies' threat. The following are the three locations.

Jarvdinsk Spomenik

Jarvdinsk Spomenik is found above the Arklov Peak Military Base.

There is a war memorial overlooking the military base that was constructed to slide into two halves.

Once opened, you can see a gigantic nuclear missile ready to launch.

You can jump onto the catwalk and further explore the underground facility housing many loot chests in several different rooms.

You will also find unique terminals inside these facilities with a 5% "loading" screen on them. The exact same terminals are found in all three missile silos.

You can also escape the facility via an escape hatch located at the back that leads directly towards the Military Base.

Zoszni Spomenik

Zoszni Spomenik is found south of Novi Grazna Hills resident.

There used to be a set of vertical structures standing tall at this location that has been replaced with an open hatch to another missile silo.

This is the biggest silo location out of all three and contains a lot more rooms to explore.

This silo contains a couple of control rooms and meeting rooms containing Cold War-era terminals.

It also has the same terminal with a zombie icon on it.

There is also a blown-up hole towards the north of the facility that can be used as an escape route to the construction site.

Styor Spomenik

This is the smallest silo location and the one which many of you are already aware of. You can find this silo by entering Bunker 10.

Normally, Bunker 10 requires an access code to enter the facility, but currently, the doors of Bunker 10 are wide open.

You will also notice that the formerly locked door inside Bunker 10 is now open, offering a new hallway to explore.

This hallway loops back to the same Bunker 10 missile control room, so there's not a lot to see here except an extra hallway.

And of course, Bunker 10 also has a terminal with a zombie icon on it.

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