COD: Warzone players are mad that Rebirth has been removed for Season 5

The final season before Warzone 2 introduces a new map rotation system.

Warzone 2 is rumored to arrive in November based on a leaked document. From now until the release date, devs should be focused on keeping players happy and hyped for the next installment of the game. However, Raven Software may have committed a serious blunder by removing a fan favorite map from the main rotation in Season 5.

Fans do not like the map playlist for Season 5
Fans do not like the map playlist for Season 5

With the new map rotation playlist, Rebirth Island will not be a mainstay map for Season 5. It will instead be a randomly rotated map of the playlist from Mondays to Thursdays and have a fixed schedule for weekends where it can be playable.

The released mainstay playlist has irritated gamers who like to play Rebirth Island and are calling the rotation “dumb”.

Map rotation

This is the confirmed playlist for Season 5.
This is the confirmed playlist for Season 5.

In the final weeks of Season 4, Raven Software, makers of Call of Duty: Warzone, experimented with a new map rotation system. Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep were rotated during the final week of the season.

The experiment must have been successful since the developers of Warzone have decided to make the map rotation system a permanent feature of the game. They have already released a playlist of which maps will be mainstays and those that will be randomly added to the game.

Caldera’s Last Call, Battle Royale, and Plunder as well as Resurgence for Fortune’s Keep will be the weekday mainstay maps. Rebirth Resurgence will be randomly available as a rotating map from Mondays to Thursdays.

So there will be a chance that players will not have the fan-favorite map as a part of the daily playlist. We must emphasize that the map has not been removed, it just rotates in and out of the playlist.

Rebirth Resurgence will also be part of the playlist for fixed weekends for Season 5. The map will be available for the weekend of August 26 and September 9.

Fans react

Fans of the Resurgence map have been up in arms over the unavailability of the map, especially during the first days of Season 5.

Reddit user George_Marsh posted on the Warzone Pacific subreddit begging the devs to “stop taking rebirth out of the playlist”. A lot of the replies to the comment agree with the sentiment of the original post.

Please stop removing Rebirth from the playlists from CODWarzone

Many others commented the Rebirth is their favorite map next to Verdansk. Fans of the map would prefer to play it as much as possible before the release of Warzone 2.

The released playlist only covers until the weekend of September 9, so there is a chance that developers will listen to the feedback and add Rebirth to the mainstay maps. It would be in the best interest of Raven Software and Activision to keep the fan base happy while we wait for Warzone 2.

We do not have a trailer or official release date for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

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