Warzone players are now cheating by teaming in Solos

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Warzone is not new to cheaters and exploiters. However, a recent surge in solo team-ups has left many annoyed. Despite integrating the new RICOCHET anti-cheat system, several hackers can still be encountered daily while playing. From aimbots to wallhacks, everything is still in the loop.

RICOCHET Anti-cheat does work, at least to some extent. Cheaper or more vulnerable versions of the hacks are always detected, which has "reduced” the number of hackers. But, this old trick of exploiting the game is entirely out of the range of detection of the anti-cheat.

Players are found teaming up in solos. This can easily be achieved if you and your friends queue at the same time on the same server region. With good communication and timing, you can play around with the playlist to get into the same lobby.

Solo game modes are meant to be played alone, but these solo team-ups have caused a sudden uproar in the Warzone community. Of course, I would also be mad If I was pushing a target (who I thought was alone), just to be greeted by another.

Since anti-cheats are designed to combat software-based or game-altering hacks, this in-game exploit can never be detected unless you monitor a game manually. Players have expressed mixed emotions towards this "type” of cheating.

Some consider it to be an opportunity if two players met during the game and decided to call it a "truce.” I consider this to be cheating regardless of whether or not it was premeditated. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage is cheating.

If the things were not bad enough with just two players teaming up, we now have a complete trio in solos. A Reddit user by the name of r/afightguy shared the names of three players who were teaming up in a game of solos.

3 players teaming up in solos with same skins and same loadouts. from CODWarzone

Apparently, they were using the same skins and a typical "troll” loadout. They were using riot shields. We’ve seen this before as well. One player would distract an enemy player. The enemy players start shooting at one of the guys with a riot shield, giving the "teammate” ample time to take the shooter out. Yeah, I would be mad too!

Another perfect example of this is from FaZe Jev’s recent video titled "What happened to WARZONE?” You can see at around 8:53 min mark that he is spectating two players teaming up with a riot shield. The same scenario a lot of Warzone players are running into.

At the moment, there isn’t much that can be done to counter this form of cheating. The best you can do is report the players when spectating and hope for the best.

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