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Warzone DMZ gets huge update for Season 3

New weapons, faction missions, and huge gameplay changes are coming to the extraction shooter mode.

Big changes are coming to Warzone DMZ in Season 3.

Warzone DMZ has been one of the few game modes in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 that has been well received by players. While the first-person extraction shooter is still in beta, many gamers, including popular content creators, have found the mode entertaining and a good alternative to battle royale - it makes sense then, that the devs are giving it a lot of attention.

DMZ is getting a lot of changes in season 3 which is arriving later this week. The new season will totally change how the extraction shooter will be played moving forward as the new content adds value to the items that gamers find in matches.

Season 3 of Warzone DMZ introduces a new Barter mechanic to the game. The Buy Stations in the game work the same way as in the battle royale mode where players can buy weapons, gear, and essential items for cash. However, in Season 3, players will have the option to trade in items they loot in the Exclusion Zone for new equipment.

There will be Bartering Recipes for the new Plate Carriers and Backpacks. Players can also craft killstreaks, self-revive kits, and keys via the Barter system. There will be dozens of crafting recipes for operators to memorize and share with teammates.

Players can now modify contraband weapons for a minimal fee.

The new update also adds Contraband Workbenches to DMZ. These can be found near Buy Stations and allow players to customize the contraband weapons they find. Operators can add, modify, and remove attachments for a nominal cash fee. This addition changes the way players use their contraband stash.

Season 3 also adds new types of backpacks and plate carriers to the extraction mode. Players now have the option to use a Secured Backpack which keeps looted items on the operator even when eliminated from a round.

The Scavenger Backpack removes the extra weapon slot, converting it to more item slots, making it useful for hauling valuable items out of a match for missions and resetting the cooldown of the insured weapon slot.

Four new role-specific plate carriers in the DMZ give players additional perks when equipped. The Tempered plate carrier reduces the plates used from three to two while the Medic plate carrier makes reviving teammates and using self-revive kits faster.

The Stealth plate carrier will give players the Ghost Perk making them invisible to enemy radars while the Comms Vest enhances the effectiveness of UAV technologies and gives players an audible cue when enemies are close by similar to the High Alert perk.

New Plate Carriers add new roles for operators to play in DMZ.

The Skeleton Key and Rebreather will also be added to DMZ. The Skeleton Key unlocks any door while Rebreathers allow players to stay underwater for a longer duration which can be critical for getting in and out of combat.

Active Duty Operator slots will also be coming to Season 3, and will be a game-changer. Players will have three operator slots in DMZ with their own on-soldier items. Gamers can now choose which operator they will infill with.

The Active Duty Operator slot allows players and teams to strategize which operators get used in missions and supply runs. Active Duty Operators are like "lives” in the DMZ and players can opt to play a fully kitted-out Operator or one that is barebones depending on the mission parameters.

With Season 3, players have the option to use Private Exfils and the Heavy Chopper to exit the exclusion zones. Private exfils can be purchased from Buy Stations and uses one of the unused Exfil points. Players can also refuel and use the Heavy Chopper to exfil the battlefield. These two new options give players more ways to avoid the exfil campers that have been plaguing the game mode.

Active Duty Operator slots carry mission-specific loadouts.

Rounding out the update are two new weapons and two new bosses in DMZ. Season 3 will also introduce a new faction with five additional tiers of missions. Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 is coming on April 12, 2023.  

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