Warzone 2 will launch on November 16

Infinity Ward Finally Reveals Warzone 2 Gameplay

We all knew that Warzone 2 was coming later this year, we just didn't know when. This all changed at the Call of Duty: Next event. Infinity Ward has revealed that Warzone 2 will launch on November 16.

Just like the original, Warzone 2 will be free-to-play and run in conjunction with Modern Warfare II, which comes out on October 28. The standalone battle royale game won't be a replacement for Warzone. Instead, Warzone 2 will exist as a separate experience. We'll see soon enough how Activision Blizzard will handle two massive free-to-play games available to play at once.

Moving on, Infinity Ward revealed a handful of interesting tidbits about Warzone 2. Case in point, Warzone 2 will have a new map, Al Mazrah. The desert-filled region will introduce an updated Gulag and multiple points of interest that include Strongholds held by AI factions.  The map also has a unique match-ending circle mechanic that splits players into different groups before herding them for a final clash. Finally, Infinity Ward shed some light on the long-rumored Escape from Tarkov-esque game mode, DMZ.

Warzone 2 Will Launch On November 16
So far, the early reactions to Warzone 2 have been mostly positive.

According to Infinity Ward, DMZ is an "all-new sandbox experience" and lets players "define [their] own win condition". Unfortunately, Infinity Ward is keeping some of the info close to their chest for now.

Activision Blizzard and Infinity Ward promised that they will reveal more about Warzone 2 in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out for more announcements.

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