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Warrior Nun reborn after Netflix cancellation as a film trilogy

After being cancelled by Netflix, Warrior Nun will be returning but not as a series. Instead, a film trilogy is in the works.

After being cancelled by Netflix, Warrior Nun will be returning but not as a series. Instead, a film trilogy is in the works. (Images: Netflix)

Warrior Nun has been officially saved. The cult hit Warrior Nun series may have been cancelled by Netflix, but will be returning as a trilogy of films.

The superhero fantasy series based on the Warrior Nun Areala comic book had a fan-favorite run of two seasons on the streaming giant. However, Netflix decided to pull the plug despite overwhelming fan support. And it was this fan support that kept the flame alive for Warrior Nun to continue, even getting a SaveWarriorNun billboard right in front of Netflix's LA headquarters.

Well, it seems that fan effort has paid off. The people in charge of the cancelled show have confirmed Warrior Nun will continue, but in a different format.

Dean English, executive producer of the Warrior Nun Netflix series, provided the details via the newly created website

First of all, I need to start by thanking all of you loyal fans. It's because of you and your incredible energy that we keep pushing forward to make these stories. You guys really make it all worthwhile. So thank you so much for your continued support.

English went on to confirm that Warrior Nun would be returning, but not as a television series. Instead, it will continue as a trilogy of movies.

I am very happy to announce that Warrior Nun is coming back as a trilogy of motion pictures. Once again, a trilogy of feature films. Three.

But while English is enthusiastic about continuing Warrior Nun, no announcement could be made for now as to when the first film would start production. Mainly, this is in solidarity with the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strikes, as the unions push back against A.I. in the film and television industry.

One thing we need to touch on involves the strike in Hollywood involving actors and writers. And it's due to that that we cannot make any announcements today on that front. Some may ask, "Does this perhaps infer that there's going to be a universe being launched of Warrior Nun, which could expand into films and TV series following characters that we already know?" The answer to that question is yes. And there will be more details in the future.

The WarriorNunSaved website also serves as a gateway for the Halo Bearer email list for fans to receive updates as they come.

After 2 seasons, the Netflix series Warrior Nun was cancelled. But fans showed overwhelming support for it to continue.

Simon Barry, showrunner of the previous Warrior Nun series on Netflix, earlier confirmed in June that Warrior Nun was saved, but did not go into the specifics at the time. Some fans assumed that this would be a third season.

Today I'm happy to officially report that because of your combined voices, passion and amazing efforts - #WarriorNun will return and is going to be more EPIC than you could imagine.

Ben Dunn, co-founder of Antarctic Press and creator of Warrior Nun Areala, shared the good news on his social media, such as X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook. Dunn also expressed his excitement for the future films and appreciation to the fans and showrunners of Warrior Nun on his official Facebook account and YouTube channel.

This is wonderful news to me as I always wanted to see her in a feature film as opposed to a streaming series. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the series on NETFLIX but the potential reach is far greater as a movie. I don't know the exact details on the production but I will try to find out as much as I can. I hope that I will be able to visit the set when they start shooting. Nothing is more fun than to see a creation you made come to life in front of you. I was lucky to be on set on the first day of filming on the series and it was such a surreal experience. I have to thank both SIMON BARRY and DEAN ENGLISH who made this all possible.

Warrior Nun centers on Ava Silva, the new bearer of the Halo, an ancient supernatural heirloom passed through the ages to chosen members of the Order of the Cruciform Sword. The organization is composed of priests (who serve as the advisers and overseers) and nuns (the field agents and warriors) tasked under the Catholic Church to seek and destroy demonic activity.

Warrior Nun showrunners Dean English and Simon Barry confirmed Warrior Nun will continue as a film trilogy. Ben Dunn, creator of the comic book Warrior Nun Areala which the Netflix series was based on, also shared his enthusiasm for the future of the property. (Photo courtesy of Ben Dunn)

The Netflix series was based on the superhero Warrior Nun Areala comic book, with some key changes, including the introduction of Alva Silva as the protagonist. With the update that the Warrior Nun property will move into a trilogy of films, it is currently unclear whether it will pick up where the second season of the series left off or if it will be a new adaptation.

Warrior Nun stars Alba Baptista (Ava Silva), Toya Turner (Shotgun Mary), Lorena Andrea (Sister Lilith), Tristan Ulloa (Father Vincent), Thekla Reuten (Jillian Salvius), Sylvia De Fanti (Mother Superion), and Willam Miller (Adriel). The two seasons of Warrior Nun are available for streaming on Netflix.

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