Warner Bros. takes down recent Multiversus image leak

It appears that Multiversus is real after Warner Bros. recently issued a DMCA takedown notice for a recent leak.

After news of Multiversus broke out earlier this month, several credible insiders have come out of the woods to confirm that they have sources telling them that the game is real and it's coming. However, none of these have managed to provide proof of their claims except for EVO 2016 champion, Juan Manuel DeBiedma, otherwise known as hungrybox.

Warner Bros Takes Down Recent Multiversus Image Leak
Image seeing Wonder Woman face off against Stephen Universe in a game.

hungrybox recently took to Twitter and Youtube to post images of what he claims was of Multiversus, but the most interesting part about this is that Warner Bros. issued a DMCA takedown notice to have his video taken off of YouTube.

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Just days after the initial leak, hungrybox has come forward with a pretty legit-looking photo showing the character select screen from the unannounced game. Just as the earlier rumors suggested, Multiversus' roster includes the likes of Shaggy and Batman. What is perhaps the most surprising part here is the inclusion of Stephen Universe from Stephen Universe, as well as Finn and Jake from Adventure Time.

This isn't to say that the image is true. It's still possible that this is all part of hungrybox's elaborate hox. After all, people do all sorts of things online these days. We wouldn't put it past an internet personality to try and make fake images of a rumored title. But, since Warner Bros. has already taken down a YouTube video detailing the leak, it's become harder to deny that Multiversus might be coming soon.

hungrybox himself confirmed in a later tweet that the DMCA is a "hard confirm" about the game's existence.

Of course, everything that you just read remains speculative at this point. Until Warner Bros. confirms and announces the game, it's safer to err on the side of caution. Multiversus, as fun as it sounds, isn't real. A DMCA takedown notice on a YouTube video is certainly something, but it's not an official announcement.

For now, all audiences can do is wait for Warner Bros. to make Multiversus official. Hopefully, this comes sooner rather than later.

Warner Bros Takes Down Recent Multiversus Image Leak
Stephen Universe is a modern cartoon that should help pull in younger audiences to Multiversus.

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