Warner Bros is teasing Multiversus on its several Twitter accounts

At this point, Warner Bros. should just go ahead and announce when Multiversus is going to release.

If there's one studio that can do a crossover fighting game that could rival Nintendo's Smash Bros series, it's Warner Bros. The massive conglomerate has far too many franchises than you can count and it also has the experience when it comes to fighting games to make something good happen. This is exactly why the rumors about the company's multi-franchise fighting title sound so tantalizing. It also doesn't help that Warner Bros. itself decided to join in on the fun by posting similarly themed images on several different Twitter accounts.

Warner Bros Is Teasing Multiversus
NGL, it would be fun to see Shaggy in a crossover fighting game against Gandalf.

Is Warner Bros. going to announce Multiversus soon?

Warner Bros Is Teasing Multiversus
Bugs Bunny would be another interesting character to see in a fighting game.

Talks of Multiversus first started back in late October. Many days and weeks later, more intel about the game surfaced. Some weren't quite believable, such as the earlier leak about Lebron James joining Multiversus. Meanwhile, others looked far more credible, such as the time when leaked images of Multiversus popped up online. Design documents for Multiversus even appeared on the internet as recently as two weeks ago.

Having said that, Warner Bros. recently puzzling Twitter campaign appears to be the best proof that Multiversus exists.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Warner Bros. is teasing something and given the recent Multiversus rumors, we have a good idea what it could be.

Mind you, Multiversus will reportedly include a much more expansive cast of characters than just old-school cartoons. Iconic figures such as Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings as well as Batman and Harly Quinn from DC Comics are all rumored to be part of the cast. The fact that Warner Bros. has gone as far as to take down several leaks due to copyright claims is also further indirect proof that Multiversus is indeed coming.

With that said, Multiversus is hardly the only crossover platform fighter trying to emulate Smash Bros.' success. Nintendo's platform fighter has spawned several imitators over the years. Jump Force, for example, tried to do the same thing but for Shonen Jump anime. Unfortunately, it never got the traction that Bandai Namco was hoping for, resulting in the game's servers' closure in 2022.

If Multiversus is indeed coming, here's to hoping that it's handled by a worthy studio that can put it in a good position to realize its potential.

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