Warner Bros. is open to keeping Ezra Miller as the Flash

Ezra Miller may continue to portray their role as The Flash in the DC Universe.

Ezra Miller stirred up a storm last year as they found themselves involved in misdemeanors that threatened to derail their career. At some point, there were rumors that Warner Bros. was done with the actor and will drop them following the release of The Flash. However, many things have changed since then with the most notable being the appointment of Peter Safran and James Gunn as the co-chairs of DC Studios.

the flash ezra miller
Ezra Miller might still feature in the DCU despite earlier reports to the contrary.

Now, according to Variety, Warner Bros. studio’s executives may be reconsidering their stance on the actor and their involvement with the franchise. The publication reports that the Warner Bros. executives in question are "amenable to continuing with the actor" even after The Flash debuts.

Miller was one of the most infamous celebrities of last year because of their controversial activities, including public meltdowns and run-ins with law enforcement. As a result, many fans expected the studio to terminate their contract. With the new report, it will seem that is not the case.

the flash ezra miller
Warner Bros. has a lot of faith in Miller's The Flash and it will unveil its promo at the upcoming Super Bowl.

The executives’ change of heart is influenced by the fact that the actor has made efforts to atone for their transgressions. They began mental health treatments, stayed out of trouble, and rendered a public apology for their wrongdoings. They also had a face-to-face meeting with Warner Bros executives in August, where they rendered a formal apology to the group and reaffirmed their commitment to the film. Also, in October, they returned for reshoots ahead of the film’s June premiere.

We'll likely find out later this year if Ezra Miller will remain as The Flash as part of the DCU's future once it hits theaters on June 23.

Until then, fans can look forward to the film's first official trailer at Super Bowl LVII. This will mark the first time the studio is doing so since 2006 which says a lot about the studio’s belief and aspirations for it.

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