Warner Bros. Discovery confirms AEW Collision

AEW has announced the new shot at Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts, promising more action-packed wrestling but with no mention of CM Punk.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) fans have a reason to rejoice as the upstart promotion has just made a grand announcement at the Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts: a brand-new show, AEW Collision, will hit TNT on Saturday, June 17.

Samoa Joe has been one of the most consistent top performers in AEW.

With this development, AEW hopes to treat viewers to more riveting in-ring action and unforgettable wrestling narratives.

AEW's newest live two-hour program will feature several top names like Samoa Joe, Thunder Rosa, Powerhouse Hobbs, as well as Miro, and Andrade El Idolo. Surprisingly enough, there's no mention of CM Punk anywhere.

AEW Collision's announcement at the Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts signifies the weight and value that AEW Collision holds within the company.

Thunder Rosa is a former AEW Women's Championship holder.

Without revealing too much, AEW has piqued the interest of wrestling fans around the globe. The specifics of the show are still under wraps, which only adds to the excitement. What's certain, however, is that AEW Collision will feature the AEW's usual brand of thrilling and mature wrestling content that you can't find on mainstream television anywhere else.

As a result of the most recent announcement, AEW now has six hours of weekly programming shown across TNT and TBS. Dynamite and All Access (Wednesdays), Rampage (Fridays), and Collision (Saturdays) should guarantee that the AEW keeps on growing and attracting more audiences.

But, as previously mentioned, we're still curious why CM Punk wasn't in the announcement.

Most fans are hoping that CM Punk will appear at AEW Collision.

Punk is a central figure to the AEW and his name continues to command respect within the wrestling community. His WWE appearance earlier this month was enough to get people talking of a potential transfer although it's believed that CM Punk will lead his own brand in AEW, which, in this case, is supposed to be AEW Collision. Thus, the deafening silence around his involvement in the newly announced show has left fans curious. At the same time, it has increased the allure of the show as CM Punk could be a surprise addition that appears in its debut episode.

Previously, it was reported that CM Punk is gunning for a match against his former rival, Samoa Joe.

Nevertheless, the launch of AEW Collision proves that AEW is committed to its growth and to keeping its audiences hooked with new content. The addition of a new shot to their line-up asserts AEW's position in the wrestling world and marks an exciting chapter for wrestling fans.

In a time when the audience demand for quality wrestling is at an all-time high, AEW's announcement is perfect timing as it brings more edge-of-the-seat action to eager fans.

Who knows? Drew McIntyre might even join AEW Collision after the WWE omitted him from the Money in the Bank lineup in July.

Speaking of AEW, MJF isn't looking forward to defending his title at All-In in the United Kingdom.

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