Warner Bros. is canceling Hogwarts Legacy pre-orders

Warner Bros. Games is apparently behind all the cancelation and it's not due to some glitch or bug.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of this year's most highly anticipated games - it's also one of the more controversial releases in recent years. Because of the game's inevitable association to the author, J.K. Rowling, there've been calls from certain communities to cancel and boycott Hogwarts Legacy. Now, for its latest round of issues, Warner Bros. Games is canceling pre-orders of the game out of the blue.

warner bros canceling hogwarts legacy pre orders
The good news is that you should be able to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy again righta way.

Several gamers took to Twitter over the past few days after receiving messages about their canceled pre-orders. Most assumed this was a bug, but Warner Bros. Games reassured in its replies that this isn't a glitch.

According to its replies, the cancellation is the result of the delay of the release of the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Hogwarts Legacy as well as that of the Nintendo Switch.

It's worth noting that Warner Bros. Games changed the release date of Hogwarts Legacy on last-gen consoles. The PS4 and Xbox One versions won't be available until April 4 while the Switch port isn't coming until July 25.

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So, basically, what happened is if you bought the Digital Deluxe Edition for the Xbox Series S/X or the PlayStation 5, which includes the Xbox One and PS4 versions, respectively, you might have received an email. But, Warner Bros. clarified that the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X digital versions will still be available on February 7 (pre-orders get early access). Meanwhile, the PS4 and Xbox One versions are arriving later.

However, upon further investigation, Hogwarts Legacy pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series S/X are still being canceled.

For now, if Warner Bros. Games canceled your pre-order, you should be able to place a new one for the appropriate platform right away. At the moment, Warner Bros. Games has also changed the pre-order page so you'll be able to choose between the last-gen and current-gen consoles as well as the Nintendo Switch and the PC.

warner bros canceling hogwarts legacy pre orders
Hogwarts Legacy is a risky venture that might or might not pay off.

Speaking of the Wizarding World, Warner Bros. Discovery wants to focus on franchises like Harry Potter going forward. Coincidentally, we've heard rumors that a reboot of the Harry Potter films is currently in the planning stage.

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