Volition reveals more details about the Saints Row reboot characters

Volition just revealed more details about the four main characters for the upcoming Saints Row reboot.

In case you didn't know, the Saints Row franchise is getting a reboot. After the release of a standalone expansion, Gat Out of Hell, back in 2015, Volition has decided to bring the best-selling video game series back to its roots. However, unlike other video game reboots, the developers decided to overhaul everything. This includes the characters that are going to be in the new Saints Row game.

Players can fully customize their character, the Boss, in the Saints Row reboot.

Who are the characters of the upcoming Saints Row reboot?

Only time will tell if the reboot's cast of characters will match the charm of the original crew.

Following an earlier leak, Volition officially confirmed the Saints Row reboot at Gamescom 2021. Slowly, more details about the new Saints Row game are now emerging.

For example, we know that Saints Row is going to get at least three DLC expansions. Now, Volition has decided to give audiences a more detailed glimpse at the main characters of the reboot.

The new cast of criminal characters of Saints Row will feature Kevin, Eli, Neenah, and of course you, the boss. Surprisingly enough, Volition didn't even bother bringing in Johnny Gat. This makes sense as the hell-venturing longtime member of the Saints doesn't exactly fit the description of a "real and relatable" criminal. Then again, we wouldn't put it past Volition to find a way to bring back the fan-favorite character.

Going back to the foursome, Volition describes the boss as "the ultimate murder machine, that shoots first and asks later". Meanwhile, Kevin is "loud and brash" and is a "thrillseeker" who is initially part of the Idols, one of the ruling factions of Santo Ileso. Then there's Neenah, who is described as a natural when it comes to "getting her hands dirty" and "the best getaway driver in the business.

Finally, we have Eli, who is a "business mastermind" that has the character description of someone who'd end up betraying the boss as "money is more important to him than the moral issue of how that money is made."

It's definitely going to be interesting to see how well you'll get to know the trio and how they'll transform as the new Saints rise in ranks.

The Saints Row reboot will release on February 25, 2022.

With that said, we can only hope that Volition can learn a lesson or two from the series' shortcomings. Although Saints Row IV and Gat Out of Hell are widely considered some of the best superhero games around, both strayed a bit too far from what made the series so popular. Volition must avoid making the same mistakes again.

The best part here is that fans are just itching for a worthy GTA alternative. Players appear to have had enough following Rockstar's decision to delay the controversial next-gen version of GTA V.

If Volition can deliver on its promises for the Saints Row reboot, the success might just force Rockstar to move up its timeline for GTA 6.

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