Voice actor leaks Resident Evil 4 remake concept art

DC Douglas just broke NDA and shared confidential images, which has been shared several times over on social media.

Is Capcom working on a Resident Evil 4 remake? If you believe the rumors, then the answer is yes. However, even if there is no proof of it, it makes sense that a remake of arguably Capcom's magnum opus. Resident Evil 4 is easily one of the most influential games of all time and arguably the best game of the 2000s. We also ranked it as the best Resident Evil game.

If the confidential art is true, then the Resident Evil 4 remake's announcement might be coming sooner rather than later.

After Capcom released remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 in 2019 and 2020, respectively, many are expecting the Japanese developers to do Resident Evil 4 next. Although Capcom did release a new Resident Evil 4 this year, it was a VR game made for the Oculus Quest 2. But, the Resident Evil 4 remake was included in the now-infamous GeForce Now leak, which suggests that it is indeed coming.

With that said, the most recent piece of evidence that proves its existence comes from a voice actor who just broke an NDA to leak confidential information.

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Capcom might have to announce the Resident Evil 4 remake soon

It will be interesting to see how Capcom will penalize the voice actor for leaking the image.

DC Douglas is a voice actor that has worked for several Resident Evil games as the voice behind the traitorous Albert Wesker. If he's leaking info about a Resident Evil game, you can bet that it's legit. This is what allegedly happened when @BewareCreepyVAs came across a screenshot of the voice actor sharing confidential concept art straight out of the unannounced remake of Resident Evil 4.

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The same account later talks about how Douglas shared the same artwork with several other fans while also begging them not to make it public.

Of course, just because this random Twitter account is claiming that the photo comes from DC Douglas doesn't prove anything. However, it is interesting that Douglas deleted his Twitter account as soon as the image went viral. If the cat is indeed out of the bag, then it's only a matter of time before Capcom makes an official announcement.

In other news, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is already out. It appears that not everyone is a fan of the live-action reboot of the popular survival actor franchise. In our review round-up, the film had a 28% score on Rotten Tomatoes with a 60% audience score, suggesting that critics did not like it. Meanwhile, Capcom still hasn't fulfilled its promise earlier this year to release more DLC for Resident Evil Village.

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