Violent Night’s director confirms a sequel is in the works

Violent Night put a spin on the age-old tale of Santa and Christmas and a sequel could double down on the absurdly fun bloody premise.

Violent Night was one of the few box-office surprises last year. The film, starring David Harbour of Stranger Things and Black Widow fame, told a tale of Christmas like never before. While it was replete with Santa Claus and reindeer and the likes, Violent Night put a spin on the age-old tale that firmly placed it in a class of its own.

Santa has a violent side and its on full display in this Christmas action comedy.

Now, Tommy Wirkola, the film's director, has confirmed a sequel. Wirkola made this revelation to the online publication, TheWrap, during a recent interview where they discussed the planned home video release of the film. When he was asked about whether there will be a second Violent Night film, he replied there were ongoing conversations around it.

The Norwegian director and screenwriter also stated that the sequel’s script will be penned by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, who were also responsible for the first film. Wirkola also stated that himself, Casey, Miller, and the film’s producers have different ideas on how the film should go, which they were exploring. Then, he revealed they intend to get the story right and put the right script together before they commence shooting.

On what the story will be, the What Happened to Monday director had the following to say, "There’s stuff we left on the floor like the North Pole, Mrs. Claus, the elves. But story-wise I think we have a really, really cool idea that expands on the world and scope, but still keeping that tone that we love from the first one."

Violent Night's director is working on a sequel to the 2022 film.

Violent Night chronicles David Harbour’s Santa Claus, an ancient Norse Warrior, and his valiant efforts to save a family from a group of mercenaries. Despite his initial wish to stay out of the conflict, Kris Kringle is inadvertently dragged in and has no choice but to protect the family. Apart from Harbour, the film featured John Leguizamo, Beverly D’Angelo, Alexis Louder, Edi Patterson, Alex Hassell, Andre Eriksen, and Cam Gigandet, among others.

Violent Night was a critical and commercial success. The film garnered a 73% Rotten Tomatoes critics’ approval score and grossed $75 million at the box office from a $20 million budget.

Since there isn't a script for the film yet, it's highly unlikely we'll get the sequel for this year's Christmas. Nevertheless, fans of the fighting Santa will be thrilled to learn that he will return to their screens sometime in the future.

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