Vin Diesel wants the Rock to return for Fast 10

It appears that Diesel is already over his feud with Johnson and wants his "little brother" to go back for Fast 10.

It appears that the years-long feud between The Rock and Vin Diesel is finally coming to an end, with Diesel being the first to extend an olive branch.

Vin Diesel refers to Johnson as his "little brother" as he asks him to come back for Fast 10.
Vin Diesel refers to Johnson as his "little brother" as he asks him to come back for Fast 10.

In a recent Instagram post, Diesel went ahead and asked The Rock to come back and join the cast of the Fast and Furious movie franchise once again for 2023's Fast 10 movie. "My little brother Dwayne," reads Diesel's post, "the time has come. The world awaits the finale of Fast 10."

Is The Rock going to return to Fast and Furious after Diesel's plea?

Vin Diesel Wants The Rock To Return For Fast 10
If Johnson returns for the last two Fast films, then he'll join John Cena along with the rest of the crew.

For years, it appeared that the feud between The Rock and Diesel had subsided with the two going their separate ways. However, earlier this year, the kerfuffle became front and center of news outlets once again as the two decided to shed some light on it. But, the main takeaway remained that The Rock wasn't going to come back for the last two Fast and Furious films anymore.

However, it appears that The Rock's return to the lucrative series of high-octane movies might be imminent with Diesel's very public personal note/plea,

Diesel almost sounds prophetic in his note, letting The Rock know that he "must step up" and that "Hobbs can't be played by no other." Diesel ended his message by saying that he hopes that Johnson would "rise to the occasion" and fulfill his destiny.

The Rock hasn't replied to Diesel's note yet, but we think it's certain The Rock isn't going to let this slip. However, it remains to be seen if this is enough to squash the beef between these two Hollywood megastars. Interestingly enough, Diesel's note comes just weeks after The Rock expressed his regret for making his feud with Diesel public.

Speaking of Johnson, the future WWE Hall of Famer just showed up for the red carpet premiere of Netflix's Red Notice. At the event, The Rock took the time to clarify that future production sets by his company will no longer use real guns and that he wants to make a DCEU-MCU crossover happen in the future. Meanwhile, Vin Diesel just teased the fourth Riddick film.

Regardless of whether Johnson joins Fast 10 or not, Universal Pictures has already given the penultimate Fast and Furious film a release date.

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