Vin Diesel vs Jason Momoa: Is this the next big feud in Hollywood?

Jason Momoa's performance as the villain of Fast X has been described by critics as one of the film's biggest strengths.

Vin Diesel just can't seem to stop feuding with the latest stars to join the Fast and Furious franchise.

Universal Pictures' The Fast and Furious franchise is known for two main things: adrenaline-fueled action sequences and a sense of family among its characters. But, it's also been plagued with off-screen machismo conflicts mostly involving Vin Diesel. Diesel and Dwayne Johnson's infamous feud forced The Rock off at least two films before returning in Fast X in a post-credits scene. Now, reports claim that Diesel has it out for Jason Momoa.

Fast X, the franchise's tenth and latest installment, has been met with less than favorable reviews, despite the excitement over Momoa's introduction as the flamboyantly villainous Dante Reyes.

RadarOnline claims that its sources have told them Diesel is taking issue with the DCEU star's over-the-top performance as he pins the blame for the film's critical reception on his broad and wide shoulders.

Ironically, Momoa's scene-stealing performance was one of the few highlights for critics.

Another insider then claims that Diesel is simply upset with Momoa for "stealing his thunder" in a franchise that Diesel has built, or at least, that's what he reportedly believes.

As the accusations fly, the Dune actor is said to be aware of Diesel's feelings, saying that Momoa knows that he's "the flavor of the moment" but that he doesn't appreciate Diesel's attempts at turning public opinion against him.

This disharmony is stirring the pot in Hollywood, potentially brewing the industry's next biggest feud.

The Rock's feud with Diesel had mostly to do with disagreements regarding how Diesel preferred to handle himself on the set.

As previously mentioned, Diesel's history with clashing with co-stars in the Fast & Furious franchise isn't a secret. His well-documented feud with The Rock created tensions on the set, reaching a climax when Johnson labeled Diesel a "candy ass." The fallout forced Johnson out of the franchise temporarily as the two are said to have buried the hatchet with Johnson reprising his role as Luke Hobbs in Fast 11 in a starring role.

While the franchise's theme centers around the concept of family, it seems Diesel may have a knack for family feuds. Behind the scenes, his reported habitual tardiness and lack of preparation have frustrated anonymous crew members over the years. Furthermore, Diesel also had disagreements with long-time franchise director, Justin Lin, which ultimately led to him abandoning the project in the middle of production.

Louis Leterrier stepped in to replace Lin and he's expected to come back to direct Fast 11 as well as the still-unconfirmed Fast 12.

It's a shame that Diesel is taking offense to Momoa's scene-stealing performance considering that he was indeed one of the highlights of the film.

It's worth mentioning that the Fast and Furious franchise continues to thrive amidst the controversy and less-than-stellar reviews. Fast X's global box office gross of more than $550 million is still a lot bigger than its production budget, which is a testament to the franchise's enduring fan base.

As Fast 11 (and possibly, Fast 12) races past the filming process, all eyes are on how this latest off-screen drama will impact the on-screen dynamics, particularly given the anticipation for a potential big-man brawl featuring Diesel, Momoa, and a returning Johnson.

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