Vin Diesel is teasing Riddick 4 with his latest Instagram post

Fans of the underrated sci-fi film franchise might be in for a treat if Vin Diesel's latest Instagram photo is to go by.

Before Vin Diesel was one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, he starred in several action films in the early 2000s. One of these was 2000's Pitch Black. The film was not a big hit among critics, who were divided between its potential but relatively weak storyline. Despite the relative lack of critical success, Pitch Black made just enough money to make it worth investing at least two more in 2004 and 2013, the former of which was considered a box office flop.

We don't know when exactly the fourth Riddick film will premiere, but Diesel claims that it's "closer" than most people think.

With that said, it appears that a fourth film in the Riddick franchise, which has developed a cult following, is in the works.

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Is the fourth Riddick film confirmed already?

Diesel's recent Instagram post is a confirmation in everything but words. We just don't know when Riddick 4 is going to premiere.

You can't exactly blame Diesel for his decision to invest heavily in the Fast & Furious franchise. Although his other franchises, XXX and Riddick have earned the actor several millions over the years, the racing-centric media franchise is worth billions.

So far, Diesel has either starred in or produced all 9 of the mainline The Fast Saga films. His involvement in the final two films is already confirmed as well. Not to mention, he's set to produce a women-led Fast & Furious spin-off in the future. As far as we are concerned, Diesel's schedule is booked for the next few years. However, being "geeky" himself, Diesel isn't quick to forget about his other franchise's fans.

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Earlier this year, Diesel talked about the possibility of a new Riddick game and sequel. Now, he's gone ahead and teased that a fourth Riddick film is coming.

In an Instagram post, Diesel shared a photo of himself holding a familiar weapon with the caption, "Incredible meeting today, thanks team you know who you are... Let's just say Furia maybe closer than you think. #Riddick."

Furya is the working title of the much-delayed fourth Riddick film. Earlier reports claim that the store would revolve around Riddick's search for his titular home planet. In 2013's Riddick film, it was hinted that Riddick was the last of the Furyans. It makes sense for the sequel to follow up on that established storyline. If Diesel is indeed hinting at a new Riddick film, then we might hear about news of the film beginning production next. Just don't expect this to come soon.

The penultimate Fast & Furious film is set to start production in 2022 ahead of its April 2023 premiere date. We can expect the final installment to begin filming soon after. At the same time, Diesel is also set to reprise his role as Groot's voice in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is scheduled to launch on May 5, 2023. Because of this, fans shouldn't expect Riddick 4 to hit theaters until at least 2024.

Until then, fans can keep themselves busy playing as Vin Diesel in the several games that he's starred in over the years.

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