Valve is already working on a new VR headset

A job listing on the website reveals some important intel about the secretive company's next game.

It appears that Valve is working on more hardware than just a new Steam Deck.

Valve Working On New Vr Headset
A sequel to Half-Life: Alyx would fit right in with Valve's next VR headset.

According to a job listing, Valve is looking for a "Software Engineer - Computer Vision" who will work at their Washington headquarters. Its job description is pretty telling of the individual's responsibilities, saying:

The main scope of this position is to prototype, ship, and support consumer gaming products leveraging visual-inertial tracking, camera passthrough, environment understanding, eye and hand tracking.

We're definitely curious about the company's lofty ambitions about taking "the next steps" in VR.

Valve has flirted with the idea of virtual reality headsets for nearly a decade. It eventually produced the Valve Index in 2019. It's widely considered one of the best in its class when it comes to audio quality and tracking. However, the Index suffered from the lack of wireless play and mediocre resolution as well as a high asking price of $999. It's now considered an inferior product compared to low-end VR headsets like the Meta Quest 2 and Pico 4.

Valve Working On New Vr Headset
VR gaming could get a second wind this decade with the release of more powerful gaming hardware.

Having said that, it is telling that the job listing popped up right around the same time as Meta Connect 2022 where we'll hear more about the next Quest VR headset.

In other news, Valve just took down a new trailer for the Steam Deck that teases its support for emulation. Also, leakers claim that Valve and Sony have partnered to bring Half-Life: Alyx to the PSVR2 next year.

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