Valve has unbanned Steam account with most expensive Counter-Strike skins

The most expensive collection of CS:GO skins in the world might be lost forever as the collector faces a potential lifetime ban from the digital games distribution platform, Steam.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins saved the game. The gist is the money generated by CS:GO skins for Valve made the company commit to fixing bugs and implementing features in the game.

Valve Unbanned Steam Account Most Expensive Counter Strike Skins
million is worth more than what a lot of people around the world earn in their lifetimes.

CS:GO is now one of the most popular first-person shooters and competitive titles in the world. CS:GO skins continue to retain their significance and value as well. It's not unheard of for CS:GO skins to sell for thousands of dollars. One user, in particular, holds the most expensive collection of CS:GO skins ever. Unfortunately, a ban recently threatened to wipe the carefully curated selection of CS:GO cosmetics.

According to eagle-eyed observers, the collector behind the famous CS:GO skins-filled user account, Categg, is facing a ban that could mean that Valve will lock away all $5 million of his skins.

Thankfully, it appears that Valve has lifted the game ban from Categg. If you check out their account right now, it's fairly active.

It's not clear what the reason behind the ban was. However, we'd be surprised if Categg had used the lucrative account to cheat in any game on Steam. As many users constantly joke in comments on their profile, the account's net worth can pay for mortgages many times over.

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Categg's ban comes during a particularly strict period for the usually lackadaisical company. Valve has reportedly cracked down on popular cheating software in recent months. This would explain why some people have gotten banned by mistake. Thankfully, Categg seems to have recovered their account and all is well.

Valve Unbanned Steam Account Most Expensive Counter Strike Skins
In addition to Seacat's CS:GO collection, the user also has several prized cosmetics from other Valve games like Dota 2.

We're just thankful that Categg's account received a ban, which is repealable. We'd be a lot more worried if it was hacked and stolen. Even though Valve has a history of helping out the owners of expensive digital item collections, it's still heartbreaking to lose a lot of money.

Speaking of Valve, the company is already planning to release more powerful Steam Decks in the future. At the moment, the Steam Deck is hard to come. Logitech aims to capitalize on this with the G Cloud.

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