Valve sent along a turkey fryer as a freebie for a Steam Deck order

It appears that Valve sent the "free" item by accident and, for some reason, wants the customer to send it back.

Valve is more of the grinch than Santa Claus. The private gaming company isn't known for its generosity or charity work. But, it's not above throwing gamers a bone. After all, Valve's digital games distribution platform is infamous for driving the prices of its listed games low during seasonal sales. It also appears that one Valve employee got into the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Valve Sent Turkey Fryer Freebie Steam Deck Order
A turkey fryer + Steam Deck combo is probably the last bundle you'd expect to be sent, especially from Valve.

According to Reddit user Throwaway19712654876, they were expecting to receive a Steam Deck from Valve after sending it over for repairs. Instead, their package came with an extra item.

Turkey Valve
Well, it was Thanksgiving.

The Redditor showed a screenshot of the email to prove Valve sent them the item. However, upon further investigation, it appears there was a mix-up. Apparently, Valve thought it was the user who sent in the turkey fryer by mistake. So, as far as Valve is concerned, it didn't send the turkey fryer and it only sent it back because it thought it wasn't theirs.

Another user then gave a possible explanation. They claim Valve work with a business-to-business wholesaler in California that also works frequently with Amazon, Samsung, and Walmart. It's possible the turkey fryer came from one of these companies and bundled the fryer along with the now-repaired Steam Deck. This does seem plausible although we're hoping the guy who was meant to receive the turkey fryer got one in time for Thanksgiving.

In the user's latest update, Valve asked for the turkey fryer to be sent back.

Valve Sent Turkey Fryer Freebie Steam Deck Order
We're somewhat surprised Valve asked the user to send the turkey fryer back.

Speaking of Valve, reports suggest the company is working on a new VR headset. Finally, it's believed that Valve has a secret Dota spin-off project in development.

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