Valve denies report of a new Half-Life game in development

Valve clarified that it's currently focused on working on their upcoming portable console, Steam Deck.

A couple of decades ago, Valve was pretty much a nobody. Then, it made Half-Life and the rest, as they say, is history. However, after making several expansions for 1998's Half-Life and 2004's Half-Life 2, Valve has found itself in a constant struggle to kick off another Half-Life project only to shelve it. It took almost two decades for Valve to release 2020's Half-Life: Alyx, a VR title that was met with both commercial success and critical acclaim.

Valve Denies New Half Life In Development
It appears that the success of Half-Life: Alyx wasn't enough to encourage Valve to work on a new Half-Life game.

Due to the success of Half-Life: Alyx, fans have been wondering if Valve has plans on working on Half-Life again, but as it turns out, this isn't the case.

Valve directly addresses Tylver McVicker

According to Tyler McVicker, Valve's decision not to make a follow-up game to Alyx is because of Facebook (now Meta). Because the company has acquired most of the big VR developers on the market, Valve has lost interest in VR. But, instead of shelving their VR projects, McVicker claims that Valve is reworking a certain "Project Citadel" from a PCVR title to a Steam Deck game.

Naturally, McVicker's report gained a lot of traction. However, it didn't take long for Valve to issue a response via IGN.

According to Valve, audiences will want to view McVicker's report "with a healthy dose of skepticism." The statement describes Tyler as a "passionate gamer" but goes on to explain that he "has no inside information about what goes on at Valve." Valve then clarifies that they are the only legitimate source of important project announcements that they might or might not be working on.

Valve Denies New Half Life In Development
Here's to hoping that Valve will consider working on a new Half-Life game within our lifetimes.

There are two main takeaways from Valve's response: Valve addressed the source and it didn't outright deny McVicker's claim.

Similar to other big companies, Valve likes to control the narrative surrounding their projects. In these cases, it's always beneficial for a company to deny such rumors even if they are true. Regardless, it does make sense for Valve not to focus too much on Half-Life-related projects when the Steam Deck is just on the horizon. The unprecedented success of Valve's "powerful all-in-one portable PC" will likely affect all plans that Valve might have for now and the foreseeable future.

Speaking of the Steam Deck, Valve announced earlier this year that it has pushed back the console's timeline to 2022.

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