Valorant Error Code 39 Explained

Valorant was one of those games that had an absurd growth in a short time. But with fame also comes problems. Not only are players complaining about an inflow of cheaters emerging in matches, which is discouraging in any game, but a recurring error has resurfaced to trouble agents, the infamous Error Code 39.

Stop making Phoenix sad with these errors, Riot.

Anyone gonna talk about the recent surge in cheaters? lmao from VALORANT

To sum up: no, there is no way to fix the error since it is not our fault, but the developers'.

But if you want to find out why it happens and even predict its next occurrence, walk with me.

What is Error 39?

To be faced with this error just makes agents more eager to get into the shooting.

This error code is related to connection problems with the game servers. In this case, some players cannot enter a match and others are prevented from even logging in. Usually, this error occurs when there are updates to be made to the game, as happened recently with the arrival of Episode 2, Act II. In these cases, there is not much that can be done, that is, players should wait for the downtime of the servers to end.

To be sure that it is the game server's problem and not your connection, you can check the server status. There is a dedicated tool from Riot that you can analyze the seriousness of the situation. If there isn't a report there, you can rest assured that the problem will be solved quickly.

If your anxiety is on red alert and you can't wait to rise your ranks, there is another tool to analyze server problems. DownDetector not only shows the current situation but also the last 24-hour report.

There is a small chance that it is a problem with your internet. At the risk of sounding like an amateur ISP support, you can reset your router or the client, or even your PC, and then try again. Or just watch Netflix in the meantime.

Fortunately, Riot is a big-ass company and always tries its best to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

Murillo Zerbinatto
Murillo is a passionate lover of role-playing games, fantasy books and super powers' anime. Has just begun a career in game writing, hoping to one day co-write Final Fantasy XVII.
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