Valheim Weapon Tiers: The Best Weapons in Valheim

Because you're essentially tasked to do some garden cleaning for the Norse gods in the titular realm of Valheim, having an effective weapon is crucial to accomplishing your goals in the game. However, Valheim's selection of tools can be a bit of a problem.

Although any weapon could technically work in Valheim, having the best ones will make your perilous journey so much easier.

Because there are so many ways to either slash, stab, or smash your enemies, it can be hard to know which weapons are better than others.

Lucky for you, we are here to help.

Below, we've decided to round up some of the best weapons in the game and organized them in a tier list, as well as details on how to obtain them.

C-Tier - Basic But Effective

With the right arrows and play style, the simple but effective Crude Bow could last you the entire game.

Crude Bow

The Crude Bow in Valheim is the personification of "basic but effective", making it on our list by way of being so easy to make and so effective for a huge portion of the game.

Sure, the damage isn't great, but it does give you range and that's far more important during the first few hours of the game. Even when you're wearing nothing but rags, the Crude Bow can help you hunt down deer and birds, as well as take down Greylings from a safe distance, with the potential to do a bit more damage by using fire arrows instead of the regular ones.

It'll be a while before you find a long-range weapon whose damage doesn't outweigh its cost-efficiency, so make sure to hold on to the Crude Bow for as long as you can.

Materials needed:

  • 10 x Wood
  • 8 x Leather scraps

Fang Spear

You'd think that a game that has you catching fish and playing as a Viking warrior would have better spears, but you'd be mistaken. But, even if the spears in Valheim are, in a way, over nerfed - they don't have as much range as you'd think and they're difficult to wield - the Fang Spear is still the most powerful Spear in the game and it's not as hard to acquire as you'd expect.

Compared to other Silver-tier weapons in Valheim, the Fang Spear requires the least amount of Silver to make despite having the second-highest Pierce damage in the game.

It's not an essential weapon, but you could do a whole lot worse than fashioning yourself a Fang Spear just in case.

Materials needed:

  • 10 x Ancient bark
  • 4 x Wolf fang
  • 2 x Leather scraps
  • 2 x Silver

B-Tier - Fairly Powerful

The Stagbreaker renders most mobs trivial for the most part in Valheim.

Abyssal Razor

Knives are underrated in Valheim and it's mostly because they have a low base attack power that just can't be compensated for its attack speed. However, what most people don't know is that you don't wield a knife in Valheim for straight-up combat, you use it to sneak up on enemies so you can make full use of the backstab multiplier.

Case in point, most knives deal 10 times more damage to unwary enemies. Considering that the Abyssal Razor has the most base attack damage out of all knives, it only makes sense to use it if you want to go sneaking about.

Paired with some troll armor for a huge sneaking bonus and you'll be able to take down some of the most powerful opponents in Valheim with ease.

Materials needed:

  • 4 x Fine wood
  • 20 x Chitin
  • 2 x Leather scraps


Enemy monsters can easily overwhelm and swarm you in Valheim if you don't have the right weapon and the worst part is that it can take a while to get yourself a proper mob-clearing tool.

Thankfully, the Stagbreaker is as easy to get as it is for you to use it to clear mobs.

Requiring no more than some of the things that you'll find during the first few hours of the game, Stagbreaker is an effective weapon that deals Area of Effect (AoE) damage to multiple enemies with knockback.

Although it's not the best weapon in the game, you could pretty much use the Stagbreaker for the entire game and get away with it.

Materials needed:

  • 20 x Corewood
  • 5 x Deer trophy
  • 2 x Leather scraps

Silver Sword

The Silver Sword isn't the most powerful sword in Valheim. That honor belongs to the Blackmetal Sword. However, we are ranking the Silver Sword above that Blackmetal Sword for the sole reason that it's more effective against far more enemy-types in the game. In particular, when you're going up against the undead like Skeletons and Draugr.

Considering that you'll be spending most of your time clearing graveyards and tombs filled with the undead, you'd be better off with a weapon specifically designed to deal a lot of damage against them.

Materials needed:

  • 2 x Wood
  • 40 x Silver
  • 3 x Leather scraps
  • 5 x Iron

A-Tier - Relatively Unmatched

The Frostner is one of the hardest-hitting melee weapons in all of Valheim.

Iron Sledge

If you like using the Stagbreaker but feel like you need something that does a lot more damage when you smash enemies with it, you might want to give the Iron Sledge a try.

While getting your hands on the Iron Sledge requires getting some Ymir Flesh from Haldor the Merchant, it's a journey well worth taking for what's arguably the upgraded version of the Stagbreaker that we recommended earlier.

Materials needed:

  • 10 x Ancient bark
  • 30 x Iron
  • 4 x Ymir flesh
  • 1 x Draugr elite trophy

Blackmetal Atgeir

If you're looking to put some range in between yourself and your enemies in Valheim, then you might want to go the way of the Polearm.

Although there are only three Atgeirs in the game and all of them do their job equally well when wielded properly, the Blackmetal Atgeir has the highest Pierce stat in the game with a sweeping AoE attack that you can use to clear out mobs in one fell swoop.

Materials needed:

  • 10 x Fine Wood
  • 30 x Black Metal
  • 5 x Linen Thread


Frostner would have landed itself a tier higher if it wasn't so difficult to get. But, if you really needed to have one of the hardest-hitting melee weapons in the game, then, by all means, do try to get your hands on this weapon.

This club deals frost (duh?), spirit, and blunt damage, so your enemies will be feeling a world of hurt every time you hit them with the Frostner.

Materials needed:

  • 10 x Ancient bark
  • 5 x Freeze gland
  • 30 x Silver
  • 5 x Ymir flesh

S-Tier - Endgame

If you prefer taking out enemies from afar, then there's no better way to do it than with the Draugr Bow.

Draugr Fang

For a bow that's considered the best in the game, the Draugr Fang is relatively easy to get.

What makes the Draugr Fang superior to other bows in Valheim is that it does more pierce and poison damage, which, when paired with Needle Arrows, means that your enemies won't even know what hit or killed them.

Materials needed:

  • 10 x Ancient bark
  • 2 x Deer hide
  • 10 x Guck
  • 20 x Silver


If the Draugr Fang is the weapon you use to kill enemies from afar, then Porcupine is what you get in case you want to get down and dirty with them. This melee weapon is arguably the best late-game weapon in Valheim as it's capable of dealing both Blunt and Pierce damage, which makes it effective against even the most powerful enemies that this god-forsaken realm has to offer.

Materials needed:

  • 5 x Fine wood
  • 20 x Iron
  • 10 x Linen thread
  • 5 x Needle
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