Valheim: How To Level Or Raise Ground

Valheim continues to grow weekly. The Viking survival game is conquering players all over the world, something that not even Ragnar Lothbrok managed to do. One of the most important elements of the game is to manage resources, build your base, tools, equipment, face bosses, and explore the unexplored.

A flattened plot of land is the perfect analogy to start building your Viking empire.

But to withstand such pressure, you need a home to come back safely. Do you know what is worse than not having a home? Having one, and when you return from your trip, finding it crumbling down because you didn't give enough care to level the ground.

This guide will teach you how to level or raise ground, so that your house is built on a foundation as solid as your fists of steel and your berserker's will. It is easier than it sounds, but many seem to miss or forget this technique.

Tools Required To Level Ground

First off, you're gonna need a workbench, something you probably already have. You don't!? Shame on you. Grab some sticks and stones on the ground, more precisely, 3 x wood and 2 x stone, and create a hammer. You will unlock the workbench recipe. Equip hammer, right-click, create a workbench with 10 woods.

Now that you are a rookie Viking builder, it's time to build a hoe on your latest IKEA furniture, the working bench. To craft the hoe you need 5 x woods and 2 x stones. Craft it and done, time to level some ground.

How To Level Or Raise Ground

Equip the hoe, aim it and strike the ground. Pretty easy. But if you played a lot of Harvest Moon and have a habit of hoeing around while walking, you will have serious problems and won't understand why the leveling doesn't obey you.

This is where the simple stuff gets confusing. When you use the hoe to level the ground, it levels according to where you are standing. In other words, if you are running around, the floor will become uneven like the inside of a homemade loaf. The ideal is to stay on top of the desired level and rotate the camera as you bulldoze around. When the ground is dirt-looking, it means that it's leveled, so you can keep hoeing.

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Remember to stand still and circle around while left-clicking the ground like a maniac.

If for some reason the ground is not leveling, it may be that it's too deep and you need to raise it. To do this, press the right button with the hoe equipped and change to raise the ground. Keep in mind you spend stones while raising ground and it must be within the working bench area of effect.

Or you can dig if it's too high and you want to lower it. To dig, you need the antler pickaxe, which is a slightly more complicated tool to make, but pretty advantageous. You need 10 x wood and 1x hard antler, which you get by killing the first boss in the game, Eikthyr. Eventually, you will have to hunt him down to progress the game, so pickaxe creation is forecasted. In addition to being able to dig in the ground, you also acquire stones for doing so, specifically if you break the floor on the Black Forest. This optimizes your resource gathering and ground leveling.

While raising ground, if you set the cursor just near the edge, the ground will rise to match the higher one. If you aim at the lowest level, it will rise only slightly, and spend many more stones.

That's pretty much it. It's easy to level or raise the ground, but the game simply fails to tell us how to make it uniform. With this, your structures will remain intact after you explore, loot, and burn enemy villages. Remember to use your standing point as a reference and you can make the ground even like the red carpet at the Oscars!

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