Valheim: How to Get Greydwarf Eyes and What Are Their Use

In every survival game, you need to gather some resources to... survive, things such as food, tools, housing, and materials. Since the world map of Valheim is massive, you will often find items whose usefulness is unknown to you. It would be unfortunate if you find a new item and choose to discard or ignore it because you don't know its usefulness. I am here to prevent you from doing this with Greydwarf eye and will explain why.

What a beautiful Greydwarf family. Too bad a batshit-crazy naked Viking will unleash Odin's wrath upon them.

What Is Greydwarf Eyes

As obvious as it sounds, I must say that Greydwarf eyes drop from Greydwarves, adult versions of Greylings. You can find them in the Black Forest biome alongside Brutes and Shamans. While you can kill any Greydwarf for the drop, let's aim for the basic Greydwarf because they are weaker. They are easily recognized because of their menacing blue eyes.

If they are a 0-star tier, there is a 50% chance to drop a Greydwarf eye, but from 1 star and above, it's a sure drop, and the amount is also increased. They will always drop Stone, Wood, and Resin. Be aware that although they are melee creatures, when you get out of their reach, they will start throwing stones at you. They are nocturnal creatures, usually spawn 1-3 at a time, and will be scared to death at the sight of fire.

You see those two blue glowing things? Those are the ones you gonna have to plop out from that Greydwarf dead carcass.

What To Use Greydwarf Eyes For

Besides being an organ that Greydwarves use to see...

We can use the eyes as a material in buildings, potion creation, and to upgrade the copper knife. In buildings, definitely the most valuable and efficient are the portals, which allow you to travel instantly on this giant map. Remember that if you have an entrance portal, you need an exit portal and vice versa, so multiply the materials needed by two if you want to take full advantage of them.

You need a second portal to function as the exit or no deal.

To build a portal players need:

  • 10 x Greydwarf Eyes
  • 20 x Fine Wood
  • 2 x Surtling Core

Another great building, especially for those who play on public servers, is the ward. Wards protect your base against other players, preventing them from building, respawning, or opening doors within the area of effect. Although it is a very effective preventive measure, players can destroy the wards and later blow up your base. The good thing is that the ward warns you in case it or another building is attacked.

The ward is essential to ward off trespassers, but smacking their heads off works like a charm too.

To build a ward players need:

  • 5 Fine Wood
  • 5 Greydwarf eye
  • 1 Surtling core

Other more circumstantial uses of the eyes are in the creation of the Mead base: Frost resistance, which after fermented for 2 days in the Fermenter, turns into a frost resistance mead, essential for adventurers in the Mountain Biome to avoid death by freezing.

Is that the birth of vodka? Nothing like a good old beverage to warm our belly.

To build a frost-resistance potion players need:

  • 10 x Honey
  • 5 x Thistle
  • 2 x Bloodbag
  • 1 x Greydwarf eye

Lastly, you can use Greydwarf eyes to upgrade the copper knife. The copper is better than the flint knife and upgrading it increases both durability and damage. However, it is the tool that requires the most eyes, and the requirement rises as the quality of the weapon increases.

To craft a copper knife, you need 2 x Wood and 8 x Copper. To upgrade it to quality level 2, you need 4 x Copper and 8 x Greydwarf eyes. For level 3 you will need 8 x Copper and 16 x Greydwarf eyes and for the last level, quality 4, 16 x Copper, and 24 x Greydwarf eyes. It seems that if you want to upgrade your copper knife, you will have to slaughter an entire generation of Greydwarves.

Valheim is in Early Access for PC via Steam, but a recent leak says it can arrive soon for Mac.

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