How to Upgrade Nook’s Cranny In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After its absence in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Nook's Cranny returns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nook's Cranny has significant changes in New Horizons compared to its previous incarnations: its inventory is larger, it is now operated by Timmy and Tommy, and a convenient shopping box outside of it is present always, for you to sell items for a lesser price.

Nook's Cranny In Other Animal Crossing Games

The Nook's Cranny appeared in the following Animal Crossing games: Animal Crossing Animal Forest, the first Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In City Folk, Nook's Cranny’s supplies the following items: wallpaper, flooring, flower seed, medicine, two sets of furniture, three tools, and some writing paper. In Wild World and in the original Animal Crossing, Nook's Cranny supplies two tools and one tool respectively.

The Nook's Cranny looks like a wooden shed held together with metal sheets. It is implied that the Nook’s Cranny is the old gardening shed of Tortimer, prior to his election as the mayor.

How To Build Nook’s Cranny

Nook’s Cranny is the main store in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. In the beginning, Tom Nook’s nephews display their for sale items out of the Resident Services tent. When you upgrade your tent into a house, Timmy and Tommy will require 30 Hardwood, 30 Softwood, 30 Wood, and finally, 30 Iron Nuggets from you in order to set up the Nook’s Cranny.

These materials must be given to Timmy in full, meaning you need to give the materials in their required quantity. Timmy will not accept less than 30 Hardwood, but he will accept 30 Hardwood without the other required materials.

Other requirements in order to build the Nook’s Cranny are: you already paid off the initial 5,000 Nook Miles debt, have donated 5 unique bug/fish to Tom Nook, and placed Blather’s tent. So be sure that you have completed these other requirements although you may have completed these actions in the natural course of your Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s adventure.

After completing the required tasks, Timmy will give you a 7x4 tile plot marker. You can then choose the store’s location.

The completed Nook’s cranny will open from 8 AM to 10 PM and offers four pieces of furniture, a full set of flimsy tools, the slingshot, three types of flower seeds, two kinds of saplings, the native fruit, medicine, an umbrella, a Wet Suit, a wrapping paper, the Party Poopers, Customization Kits, DIY Recipes for flimsy tools, four wallpapers, and four floorings. These are all unlimited except for two sets of furniture items.

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You are free to choose where to set up your Nook's Cranny

How To Upgrade Nook’s Cranny

Below are the requirements to upgrade Nook’s Cranny:

  1. At least 30 days has elapsed since the Nook’s Cranny was built
  2. The store had exceeded 200,000 bells in all of its transactions, either by selling items to players or buying from them.
  3. Mabel has visited your town.

Mabel visiting your town is one of those requirements that would have happened in the natural course of playing the game, so you do not have to really try for it.

When all of these requirements are met, Isabelle will mention, during daily announcements ,that Nook’s Cranny is expanding due to its booming business. Nook’s Cranny will close for a day and re-open the day after. During this downtime for renovation, the shipping box is made unavailable.

Upgraded Nook’s Cranny Functions

The upgraded store retains the same operating hours as the original version. Nook’s Cranny now carries five pieces of furniture, 12 tools, a wet suit, two umbrellas, two wrapping papers, medicine, party poppers, nine types of flower seeds, Customization Kits, the island’s native fruit, two types of saplings, a Timer, wallpapers, and floorings.

The upgraded shop boasts a new exterior and interior. There will be new decorations that mirror the seasons. Unlimited seasonal items will be occasionally available in the lower left corner of the shop above the special blue platform.

The Spooky furniture set, which is only available in October, is only allowed to be bought once and will be stocked daily.

Seasonal Items In the Upgraded Nook’s Cranny

Items Season / Event Available Dates  Available
Retro Fan
Summer June 1st - September 6th (North)
December 1st - March 6th (South)
Spooky Arch
Spooky Candy Set
Spooky Chair
Spooky Lantern
Spooky Lantern Set
Spooky Scarecrow
Spooky Standing Lamp
Spooky Table
Spooky Tower
Halloween October 1st - October 31st
Turkey Day Casserole
Turkey Day Chair
Turkey Day Decorations
Turkey Day Garden Stand
Turkey Day Hearth
Turkey Day Table
Turkey Day Table Setting
Turkey Day Wheat Decoration
Turkey Day The day after Turkey Day - November 30th
Celebratory Candles
Round Space Heater
Winter December 1st - March 6th (North)
June 1st - September 6th (South)
Dinosaur Toy
Kids' Tent
Mini Circuit
Pop-Up Book
Puppy Plushie
RC Helicopter
Tin Robot
Toy Day December 1st - December 25th
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