Upcoming Battlefield 2042 update comes with hundreds of fixes

DICE is releasing the next major update for its disappointing futuristic shooter next week.

It's foolish to think that Electronic Arts and DICE will give up on Battlefield 2042 so easily - but with the game's player count dropping to less than one thousand lately, you can't help wonder if it's only a matter of time. Until that happens though, it appears that DICE will continue supporting and improving Battlefield 2042, including a big patch that's coming next week.

Upcoming Battlefield Update Hundreds Fixes Improvements
Battlefield 2042 just isn't good enough to compete against other shooters on the market.

Ahead of Update 4.0's arrival, the longtime Battlefield studio dropped a ton of info about the incoming update. 4.0 is huge, with some 400+ changes coming to Battlefield 2042. Unfortunately, DICE community manager Kevin Johnson failed to enumerate what was coming to Battlefield 2042. However, Johnson mentioned things that fans should expect.

For example, DICE will make adjustments to Rao and Paik's traits, while Sundance's grenade belt will start working better within their "immediate vicinity" as opposed to "things football fields away." Johnson adds that Update 4.0 will make Ribbons easier to unlock with balancing changes aimed toward support actions and teamplay so that "teamwork remains king."

DICE is also addressing the issues about Battlefield 2042 vehicles. Specifically, the studio is making sure that there's still balance between vehicles and the infantry, so that the former is not too overpowered. It also appears that DICE is aware of how problematic reviving others near obstacles and aiming down sights while jumping out of vehicles can be. Also, speaking of aiming, the next Battlefield 2042 update is targeting attachments so that each one feels "unique and [will] have an impact on your loadout choice and gunplay."

Upcoming Battlefield Update Hundreds Fixes Improvements
Making Battlefield 2042 free-to-play probably isn't going to be enough to persuade fans to give it a try.

Johnson claims that what he shared "merely scratches the surface of Update 4.0." Johnson also thanked fans for their patience and promised that the Patch Notes will come early next week as well. After stumbling out of the gates, Battlefield 2042 has struggled to find its footing. Whether it's a combination of better competition these days or just the overall lack of polish, EA and DICE can't seem to figure out what to do next with Battlefield 2042.

Upcoming Battlefield Update Hundreds Fixes Improvements
It will be years before EA and DICE recover from the financial fallout following Battlefield 2042's failure.

The only silver lining here is that DICE knows that Battlefield 2042 had more misses than hits and that the studio intends to carry these lessons with it going forward. Only time will tell if EA and DICE can still redeem Battlefield 2042. If not, then at least FPS fans can still look forward to Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars shooter.

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