Unnamed developer reportedly working on big budget Alien game

It's believed that the unannounced AAA Alien game will be a survival horror title in the same vein as Alien: Isolation.

You'd think the commercial and critical success of Alien: Isolation would guarantee a sequel almost immediately. Except, it didn't happen. However, if it's any consolation, we'vr heard from the grapevine claims that the now-iconic survival horror title will finally spawn a successor. Well, sort of.

Unnamed Developer Big Budget Alien Game
A sequel to Alien: Isolation remains atop the list of any survival horror fan.

According to Insider Gaming, "a new AAA Alien game is in development" and it will release in the next holiday season. The same report also revealed the game will have a AAA budget and will be codenamed "Marathon". Finally, the report adds the game will take "inspiration from franchises including Dead Space and Resident Evil."

Alien: Isolation is easily the most celebrated game based on the Alien movie franchise. After several attempts from various developers to turn the successful sci-fi movie franchise into a video game, Creative Assembly finally made it happen and it worked.

Fans and critics alike loved how Alien: Isolation made them feel helpless in the vacuum of space with nothing but their wits to help them most of the time. But, as we've already mentioned, the game didn't get a sequel. The last we heard, the studio responsible for it are busy working on either a sci-fi FPS title or a Jurassic Park survival horror game.

Having said that, Alien fans shouldn't get their hopes up too high. The report clarifies that this game is "heavily under the rumor category", so we could be making much ado about nothing.

Unnamed Developer Big Budget Alien Game
We're hoping that the developers of the unnamed Alien game are taking notes from Alien: Isolation.

For what it's worth, a game similar to Alien: Isolation is the perfect fit for the current gaming market. The survival-horror franchise has seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years. At the moment, fans who love nightmarish games can look forward to big-budget games in the genre such as The Callisto Protocol, Dead Space, Resident Evil 4, and a bunch of Silent Hill games that are coming in the next few years, led by a remake of Silent Hill 2.

As for the Alien franchise, Fede Álvarez is working on a movie set in a separate universe that might star Cailee Spaeny.

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